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Self-Care Spark: 7-Day Self-Care Challenge Tear Pad


It’s time to take care of YOU! Self-Care Spark is a system of 7-Day Wellness Boosts that help you focus on different areas of your life that are important for your physical and emotional health. Each Boost gives you a 10-Minute Daily Action Strategy along with tips to help you Supercharge Your Self-Care with Essential Oils. Boosts in the system include: Stress Relief, Fitness, Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Personal Care, De-Cluttering, Quality Personal Time, Emotional Wellness.

The way you use this system is up to you. Choose the focus you need, and follow 7-Day Wellness Boosts separately or in combinations as needed to help you bless and release the heaviness, shed the to walk down a happier, healthier path! Take charge of your health…choose a Self-Care Spark and make it your time to SHINE!

  • Content: 25 Tear Pad Sheets

You can purchase a single laminate sheet here