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Plastic Containers

We know how important it is for you to know exactly what is in your products and how necessary to ensure there are no harmful chemicals affecting them.

It is equally important to have the proper plastic containers for those different solutions and blends that you create. Our selection of plastic containers is made of PET quality plastic and is safe for a variety of uses: From creating your own deodorant and lip balm, to having spray bottles for storage, lotion pumps or spray bottles to mist essential oils into the air. 

We also feature pipettes and nasal inhalers to create the perfect blend for your sinuses to combat those seasonal allergies. You will find the perfect size foaming hand soap bottles for your own soap blends, whether you take them with you on a trip or leave them on the essential counter tops in your home. 

We also carry a size and color variety of heavy walled jars to keep you balms, creams or salts safe, on display or for sale.