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Receive a free gift that changes each month when you place an order of $50 or more! Simply add the "Free Gift" product to your cart with your order of $50 or more and we will send you your free surprise product!

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Receive even more loyalty rewards as a Preferred customer! Starting with $15 in YOT cash back for every $250 you spend, sent directly to your inbox the following month.

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From educational material, to sharable content, we are constantly creating new ways to improve the YOT Preferred experience.

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As a YOT Preferred Member you have exclusive access to digital eBooks, tear pads, and other educational content!

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We understand that some of the most valuable 'tools' we can provide to our customers can't be packed up in a box and shipped off. Those tools: knowledge & experience. 

  • Exclusive Social & Video Content

As a preferred member, you'll be given access to a digital folder with shareable social media content for you to share with your audience, whether it be friends and family, or your business clients! You'll also receive free access to all video content from our events!

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Save up to 90% off select products every 3 months. Get special liquidations, new product launches, and even bulk offers. These deals are exclusive to YOT Preferred Members only while supplies last!


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The rewards with a preferred membership start RIGHT AWAY with this gift packet. Take it as a welcome gift and a token of our appreciation. We know what effects essential oils can have on our lives, and we're thrilled to play a small part in helping our customers share the benefits with their friends and family.

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