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50 Diffuser Recipes - Digital Images for Sharing


Impress your followers and friends with these simply amazing social media recipe posts!

***This is a Digital Product. No refunds are available on digital products***

Enjoy 50 High-Resolution Diffuser Recipe Images from our O'Mazing Diffuser Recipe Book.

These images are perfect for sharing with your essential oil page or education groups. 

The images do not come with any branding (no hashtags, no website URL's). We only include the oil drop from our logo to indicate the number of drops for the recipes. This allows you to edit the photo and add your own Instagram handle or hashtags. 

All images are square so they work well with Facebook and Instagram. 

This is a digital product, as such, you will receive an email with a download link to the 50 images. We use a program that allows limited downloads, so make sure you save them to the right spot (your phone and/or computer). 

We are keeping the price of these digital images very affordable. The price is less than 10 cents per image, which means a lot of time savings for you! 

The filename for each image is categorized into Respiratory, Immunity, Sleep, Get Healthy, and many others so you can know specifically how this diffuser recipe can be used. These recipes are meant to be very utilitarian, in that they address specific issues. We try to use very compliant terminology. 

When you post your images, be sure to include your own verbiage about the recipe and your favorite oils from it. 

We hope this product makes your social media experience with doTERRA very easy. Because these images will be coming from you and not from a third party posting service, they should be much more visible on Facebook. 

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  • Images: (50) High-Resolution Diffuser Recipe Images