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Oil Camp Academy - Companion Kit

Let's get you, a loved one, or a friend started on the journey to wellness!
  • This Oil Camp Academy companion kit is designed to serve as your essential guide during your first steps in adopting a natural lifestyle!
  • This kit has everything you need to learn, create, and use only the best essential oil creations and recipes. From cleaners and salves to first aid, this kit has it all!

Included in this kit are ready made recipes, containers and labels:

Please note this kit might not arrive in box as shown.

  • Soothing Salve - 8oz Jar
  • All Purpose Spray - 16oz Bottle w/ Spray Top
  • Owie Spray - 2oz Bottle w/ Misting Top & Lid
  • First Aid Kit - Container & 5/8 Dram Bottles (qty. 6)
  • Hand Cleansing Spray - 2oz Bottle w/ Misting Top & Lid
  • Light Blue - 10ml Bottle w/ Roller Top & Lid

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