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Mental Health & Aromatherapy


Be the first to read the doctoral dissertation by Dr. Danielle Daniel and have this scientific literature at your fingertips.

Dr. Danielle Daniel is a doctor of psychology and a licensed clinical social worker from San Diego, California. She has been pioneering the field of mental health and aromatherapy since 2012 and published this book, which is the largest compilation of literature related to mental health and aromatherapy to date.

This book is the published version of the doctoral dissertation which she defended in January 2020 and is the result of an extensive literature review on the neurobiology of PTSD, the neuroscientific findings of aromatherapy, and phenomenological qualitative research study. Through her doctoral dissertation, she has created a new area of study in the mental health field called “Psychoaromacology” and the treatment application thereof called “Psychoaromatherapy”.

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Watch the video by Dr. Danielle sharing the contents of this book:  

  • Contents: (1) Mental Health & Aromatherapy book
  • Pages: 177
  • Author: Dr. Danielle Daniel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mary Dyar
Great Book!!

This book has helped me to understand my depression and anxiety, and how to use the right oils not only as a preventative, but also if I’m having a bad day, and need something extra!!!!

Giving due praise

I haven't read this yet but just wanted to say this is an amazing thing!! Im sure it will help so many people.