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Make & Take: Babies


Natural and simple essential oil recipes to make your baby happy! 

Essential oils are a safe, useful, and cost-effective solution for the health and well-being of your baby. These recipes are designed to help you and your baby experience the natural effectiveness of essential oils! 


Contents(1) Make & Take including a Recipe Bi-Fold and Sheet of Labels and Lid Stickers

Recipes: Happy Hiney, Immunity Boost, Lights Out, Please Poop, Fever Relief, Soothing Salve, Sweet Slumber, Soft Skin, Breath Easy, and Teething 

Directions: Follow the instructions for each recipe then label your container using the corresponding label and lid sticker.

Extra labels for this recipe sheet can be purchased here.

Not Included but needed

Carrier Oils/Butters:


Essential Oils:

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