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I Am Empowered Tear Pad (Digital Download)


Presenting a tool to help empower children, youth and adults! 

I Am Empowered. 

This DIY Make & Take Class featuring Nasal Inhalers is a perfect way to teach people the power of essential oils combined with the power of their BELIEFS & THOUGHTS. 

Most people have never learned that what they BELIEVE & THINK influences how they feel (their mood).

A thought like "There's Nothing to Do" can cause people to FEEL bored. 

A thought or belief like "I'm dumb" can cause people to FEEL hopeless and discouraged. 

We need to encourage our children to think empowering thoughts. We can combine the power of essential oils to help those thoughts become engrained into their consciousness.

The I Am Empowered Tear Pad teaches about the power of affirmations and gives recipes for 6 DIY Nasal Inhalers, with the following affirmations on them.

I Am Smart

I Am Confident

I Am Cool

I Am Focused

I Am Relaxed

I Am Motivated


1) Use this product to make your own personal DIY kit for yourself or a child.

2) Invite parents to learn about this concept in a class setting providing them the opportunity to make DIY nasal inhalers. 


In order to teach a class you will need the tear pad, nasal inhalers, and an I Am Empowered Label Sheet

This product is a perfect back to school class, but can work all year round as a reminder to empower our kids to not only think positively, but to understand how their positive thoughts lead to positive behaviors.