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Eyelash Growth Serum Kit

For the makeup DIY-ers! Time to make some natural mascara!
  • Plastic mascara tube is BPA free, doesn't leak, convenient to carry, compact and lightweight, and fits easily in your makeup bag.
  • Use these bottles to store your castor oil & essential oils and enjoy effortless application with the included wand; The small plastic funnel can help you to easily move oil to the tubes.
  • The lip on the top of bottle lets you wipe off excess oil with ease. The rubber plugs help to avoid leaking, keep air out, and preserve the beneficial compounds in the oil.


  • Included: (3) Empty Mascara Tubes w/ (3) Eyelash Wands and (3) Rubber Stoppers, (3) Plastic Funnels, and (1) DIY Eyelash Serum Recipe Card

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