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Dogs Recipe Bi-Fold


Make & Take Your Dog On A Loving Walk With These Essential Oil Blends!

Dogs and Essential Oils Research has shown that Essential Oils used in the right way can have profound health benefits for dogs. These recipes have been formulated with the utmost care and consideration for your furry friend. 
Using Essential Oils with your dog can be great, but they have to be used with caution. That’s where this Make & Take and our Dog tear pad comes into play! Learn to use Essential Oils safely with your pup, and they can be a great tool to keep him or her happy and healthy.
Second image shows inside of bi-fold with blurred recipes.
  • Contents: (1) Make & Take recipes  - labels not included.
  • Recipes Included: Seasonal Spray, Fresh Breath, Anxiety Spray, Aches & Pains, Digestion Support, Flea Collar, Calming Blend, Paw Balm, & Grooming Spray
  • Directions: Follow the recipes & fill your roller bottle. Labels for this recipe sheet can be purchased here

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