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Babies and Toddlers Tear Pad (digital download)


Spread the awesomeness of essential oils for the young (and really young) ones!

Do you have a friend or customer who has a young baby or toddler who may be wondering how to use essential oils for the health and well being of their little one? This tear pad is perfect for helping those looking to use essential oils with their baby or toddler.

Get information on best oils, best carrier oils, and what oils are safe to use on your little one. 

What's Included?

Front side for Babies including recipes for: Colic, Colds, Constipation, Crying, Diaper Rash, Earaches, Fever, Pink, Eye, Teething, Thrush, and Umbilical Cord

Backside for Toddlers including recipes for: Happy Hiney, DIY Hiney Spray, Earache, Hand, Foot, & Mouth, Immunity Boost Blend, Lights Out Spray, Pink Eye, Please Poop, Potty Training, Sweet Slumber Blend, No More Tantrums, and Wet the Bed

    Improve your baby/toddler's health with essential oils today!