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Aromatic Intimacy - eBook


**This is a digital product containing 126 pages of essential oil usage tips, stories, personal development, and relationship advice. You will receive it via email upon purchase.**

Enhance Your Relationship with Pure, Essential Oils.

Follow the journey of a couple who had a reasonably happy marriage, who, through the use of essential oils, opened their entire world to greater health, new paradigms, and an entirely new journey. 

How did it all begin?

Using essential oils with sex.

Written by Steve Baer, read about ways to enhance your relationship with essential oils for intimacy. Discover introductions to the mindset makeover that created greater happiness, depths of emotional connection, and love caused by the healing effects of pure, essential oils. 

This 126 page eBook is an incredible value at only $6.99. Soon to be found on's Kindle platform for $9.99, get it from Your Oil Tools through a special pre-launch price of $6.99. 

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  • Pages: 126
  • Author: Steve Baer