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Aromatherapy Playdough Recipe Sheet (digital download)


Simple and brilliant playdough recipes that are great for all ages!

Playdough has always been something that children get excited about every time they see it. But what's really in playdough? With this carefully created recipe, you can not only feel confident about the ingredients, but you can enjoy the satisfaction knowing that your children are getting the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Plus, these recipes are not just for kids, but for the kids at heart as well. On top of that, aromatherapy playdough makes for a great gift for friends, family, baby shower favors and more.

Playdough Recipes Included:

1. Stress
2. Children
3. Positivity

Not included:

1. Ingredients
2. Essential Oils

Note: Playdough may be safe to make and play with, but it is not recommended or safe to be eaten.