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4 oz Blue Plastic Jar w/ Black Lid


These 4 oz (120 ml) blue plastic jars with black caps are great for storing your favorite lotions, creams, bath salts, and more. Blue color provides protection for light-sensitive products. 

We know how important it is for you to know exactly what is in your products and how necessary to ensure there are no harmful chemicals affecting them.

It is equally important for you to have all the proper plastic products it takes to create different solutions and blends. Our selection of plastic containers is made of PET quality plastic and is safe for a variety of uses.

Do you need a larger blue plastic jar? Check out our 8 oz size jar for your larger project!

  • Content:  (1) Blue Plastic Jar w/ (1) Black Cap
  • Size: 4 oz (120 ml)
  • Neck Size: 70-400
  • Dimensions (no cap): 1.73 in (H) x 2.87 in (D)
  • Recommended Label: 0.67 in (H) x 8.78 in (W)
  • Directions: Label your jar 

Please note our lids are not full gloss so they will have a light brush which some people might think to be scratched.

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