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2 oz Clear PET Plastic Twist Up Bottle

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Twist out your chosen creations!

Our round twist-ups are a great way for you to easily apply your favorite natural, essential oil based solutions and deodorizers. Compact, stylish and easy to use they make the perfect container to suit your needs! 

Our selection of plastic containers is made of PET quality plastic and is safe for a variety of uses: From creating your own deodorant and lip balm, to having spray bottles for storage, lotion pumps or spray bottles to mist essential oils into the air. 

  • Contents: (1) Clear Plastic Bottle w/ (1) Clear Plastic Cap
  • Volume: 2 oz (60 ml)
  • Dimensions: Height w/o cap = 4", Height w/ cap = 5"; 1.5" diameter
  • Directions: This is NOT a push-up tube. It twists up & down like a lip balm tube. 
  • Note: Filling with a solution that is too hot can warp the plastic & damage the mechanisms. so pouring too hot can also cause leaking (until the formulation solidifies). Compatibility testing is always recommended.