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18 mm Black Glass Droppers (15ml)


You'll be dropping like a pro with these beauties!

These essentially designed 15 ml droppers are a perfect way to use your 15 ml essential oil bottle or reuse your essential oil bottle once emptied. You could also use these droppers to replace your spray top on any 15 ml bottle with a neck size of 18-400.

Glass droppers/pipettes are an herbalist's and aromatherapist's staple for dispensing liquids and tinctures from glass bottles. Clear glass pipette attached to a black bulb.  

  • Contents: (1) Glass Dropper
  • Capacity: 15 ml (1/2 oz)
  • Neck Size: 18-400 (18 mm)
  • Note: Do not over tighten the cap as there is the potential to break the pipette.

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