Using Essential Oils to cope with PTSD

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Frank Ritz is a service-disabled combat veteran that has integrated natural means to help him in his journey to recover from trauma. He was kind enough to share his daily routine. In it, he shares the essential oils he uses, the supplements he takes and the habits he maintains to help him deal with his symptoms and live a healthy life. If you're interested to learn more, he also helped us develop our PTSD educational card.


My Daily Routine. Healing from serious personal trauma can be a lifelong journey. Physical recovery is often outlasted by a mental struggle and can result in a series of long-lasting symptoms. Each day may be plagued with a sense that you’re no longer who you used to be, a truly terrifying state of being. Each traumatic experience is utterly personal and no two battles to recover are ever the same. But, as someone personally familiar with the disorder, I can assure you of two absolute truths: (1) you are NOT alone, and (2) you are worth it!

Millions of Americans struggle with PTSD each year. A staggering 8% of the population is expected to deal with the mental disorder at some point in their lives. As a member of that afflicted population, I want to share with you my daily routine. I’ve include both personal and essential oil habits I use to arm my body and mind with tools that help stymie the worst of my symptoms. In sharing, I hope to offer some help with the struggle against PTSD.

My morning. I wake up early, not because of the PTSD, but by choice. Getting up early provides me with the opportunity to reflect on the previous day and prepare for the one at hand. I also treasure an early morning’s quiet lack of distraction! Before beginning with my supplements I take time to read and to pray.

Essential oils and dietary supplements are important parts of my day. They help support my body and thus, my mind and spirit. As far as oils go, I frequently use Copaiba, Frankincense and Pink Pepper: each great for boosting mental awareness and promoting cellular health. Also, I’ve developed my own roller bottle recipe. In it, I add the Restful Blend, Grounding Blend, Vetiver and Roman Chamomile. I have affectionately named this concoction the Warrior Blend. I will roll out the blend onto the back of my neck, across my wrists and over my heart. I keep this blend on me at all times, only ever removing it from my pocket to re-apply!

The supplements I take are to boost metabolism and help my body run smoothly. I developed my own personal supplemental schedule with the help of my healthcare provider. If you’re interested to learn what supplements may enhance your own health, I’d recommend speaking with your doctor. Basic blood labs can often point you in the right direction to get started!  

My afternoon. After lunch, I like to re-apply my Warrior Blend. I also like diffusing a mint and citrus oil, paring two oils that ALWAYS go fabulously with one another. Consider using Peppermint with Wild Orange or, my personal fav, Spearmint with Lime. The mixture of oils help stimulate the body’s natural ability to promote homeostasis, a ‘steady state’. Finding ‘balance’ for your body and mind in the midst of our hectic lives is no simple task, but can be immensely beneficial for your long-term mental and physical health!

My evening. My evenings are reserved for family and friends – the most effective medicine I have! I’ve made every effort to cultivate a tradition of sit-down family meals wherein we discuss one another’s days. We like sharing our “highs and lows.” Everyone around the table discusses the awesome and not-so-awesome aspects of their day. If the not-so-awesome parts of anyone’s day can be avoided or alleviated with help from another, we’ll address it and offer solutions. This practice has helped create a great social network within my family.

Establishing your room as your own personal oasis helps ensure restful nights. A regular sleep schedule is paramount to my mental and physical well-being. When I set my bedtime at 10pm, for instance, it’s important to me to be ASLEEP by 10, not just in bed. 30 minute prior to falling asleep, I’ll diffuse the Restful Blend, which helps. But, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule requires considerable personal discipline. QUICK TIP: If you have a TV in your room, remove it! While you’re at it, remove all computers, tablets or smartphones from arm’s reach. The blue light emitted from many of our cherished electronics can stimulate wakefulness within the mind, making it difficult to fall asleep.

As I fall asleep, I say my devotionals, giving thanks for the day and looking forward to the next. If there’s something in particular that’s bothering you, I’ve found it helpful to write it down. My belief: once it’s on that paper, it’s not allowed in your head while you sleep.  

That’s my day! I hope it helps. If you want to learn more or help with the education of another, check out the PTSD educational card I helped to develop.


If you are looking to further your journey into dealing with trauma using essential oils, you can start by checking out my essential oil trauma protocols, and learn a bit more about me! Just click this link to get started.


  • Ray Henderson February 2, 2019 at 5:39 am

    This is great, I was talking and sharing with a few men at the wounded worriers booth I met last summer and ever since I have been wanting to share a protocal of essential oils with them. Thank you so much for sharing, God Bless

  • Doug Hiatt February 2, 2019 at 5:39 am

    Frank, Thank you for your service. I battle with PTSD as well. I also use essential oils to help keep me calm, as well to sleep. I use rollers as well as defusers. Lavender, On Guard, and Frankensense all do wonders for me.

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