Bathroom Sprays DIY

Bathroom Sprays DIY

Someone had to do it! Someone had to create a DIY specifically for bathroom sprays. 

So we did! 

Here's the lineup!



The Oval Office containing Lemon, Peppermint & Rosemary

Lavender Lavatory with Lavender, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang

Peppermint Potty with Peppermint & Spearmint

Tooty Fruity with Orange, Lemon, Lime & Bergamot

Chamber Pot-Pourri with Fir (choose your favorite type), Cardamom, Cassia, Eucalyptus.

These aren't just awesome sprays for your own bathroom, they can be gag gifts! Give it to your boss. Give it to a friend. Give it to the essential oil skeptic in your life! 

Or make it the focus of a fun Make & Take!

Imagine husband asks his wife "What did you get at that essential oil party you went to?" 

Wife says, "I got you a bathroom spray. Cause hun' you need it!"

The husband can't disagree with that essential oil purchase!!  

Each kit comes with one sheet of 10 labels (2 per recipe) and 10 cards with the recipe and some brief essential oil education. Just add water to a 2 oz bottle and use the recipe listed. Attach the card to the bottle and give the gift of a fresh smelling bathroom! 

Affordable, fun, effective essential oil sharing tools. That's what we're all about! 

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5 Easy Ways to Use Aroma Jewelry to Grow Your Business

5 Easy Ways to Use Aroma Jewelry to Grow Your Business

You need the right tools to build your essential oil business. You also need them at the right price. Well, we've added one more to our arsenal!!


Most people think of using Aroma Jewelry for themselves. A nice locket, or bracelet or necklace. That's been the standard for a while. 

However, due to our awesome relationships with our suppliers, we are now offering Aroma Jewelry for bulk purchase. 

For bracelets, what was normally $9.95 each is now $7.50 each when you buy 5 or $5.99 each when you buy 10! 

For necklaces, what was typically $10.95 - $13.95 each is now 25% off when you buy 5 and 40% off when you buy ten!


You need tools to help your customers know just how incredible their essential oils are and how to use them. Use these bulk prices to purchase bracelets in bulk and give as welcome gifts when someone signs up. Here are FIVE ways to use Aroma Jewelry to grow your business. 

1. Use them as gifts for team members who you love and appreciate.

Most people who have purchased bulk jewelry from us at convention events do so with the intent of giving them to their team members as a thank you. Here's an easy and affordable way for you to do that!

2. Use them as part of an incentive for someone who achieves a certain number of enrollments. 

Have someone who needs some encouragement? Offer them a piece of Aroma Jewelry for every 2 enrollments they get in a month. Turn it into a challenge where whoever gets the most enrollments gets their choice of the Aroma Jewelry you have on hand.

3. Use them at vendor booths and sell them with a small sample bottle of essential oils.

We pride ourselves on low cost essential oil tools. Already we sell our aroma jewelry for less than what you might find on Amazon or from other retailers. When you throw in the bulk savings, you can double your money and sell these bracelets for $12.00 at a vendor event. Let someone add on a sample bottle of oil for an extra $2.00 to add to their jewelry.

Use the profits from selling the jewelry to help pay for your vendor space while you collect new leads! 

4. Host a class focused on using essential oils with Aroma Jewelry and teach how to use Aroma Jewelry for different emotions. 

Your purchase of Bulk Aroma Jewelry qualifies you to also receive free Rack Cards explaining how someone can use their Aroma Jewelry and their essential oils. The back side gives them recipe ideas for different blends, or you can use the company formulated blends you already love. 

5. Use them as a Gift for Friends & Family you'd love to help become customers.

Yes, you may be the "Crazy Oil Lady" to lots of your friends, until you give them a stylish lava bracelet or necklace with a sample bottle of oil as a birthday or random gift. All the sudden, this person may become a bit more interested in learning about your crazy oils after they receive some jewelry and a crowd pleasing aroma from you. 

So there you have it! 5 Great Reasons to buy Aroma Jewelry in Bulk. 

Click here to shop the collection!


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What essential oils would you want your teenager carrying around with them all the time? 

Let's think about their TOP CONCERNS, plus YOURS! 


Do you know a teen who's a bit forgetful? Try Rosemary. In fact, a great study diffuser blend includes 2 Drops Rosemary, 2 Drops Lemon and 2 Drops of Peppermint. Keep them SHARP.



Whether it's chronic acne or the occasional zit, encourage them to keep their skin healthy by carrying around your favorite skin clearing essential oil. 

A topical blend, might include Melaleuca, Eucalyptus or Geranium. We find that using orange essential oil on a zit can provide great results! 


How often does your teen get agitated for no reason at all. Well, encourage them to use Lavender to stay calm. In fact, according to our resource guide, Essential Oils and Emotions, Lavender is the oil of communication. Encourage them to open up about their agitation by using Lavender on a daily basis. 


Your teens may not open up to you about the fear they experience as a result of social interactions, friend struggles or concerns about their future. A great essential oil to combat fear is Juniper Berry (or just Juniper). Try Cassia (the oil of Self - Assurance) or Cypress (the oil of Motion & Flow) for the teenager who's struggling to move forward with confidence. 


Your teens need oils for their study sessions to help alleviate the anxiety, to focus, and to retain their knowledge. My favorite FOCUS BLEND includes equal parts of Frankincense, Vetiver, Orange, and Peppermint. Another great FOCUS BLEND includes Frankincense, Lime, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile. 


Teens can experience a lot of tension and stress as a result of the rigors of their lives. Whether an athlete, a musician, performer, or just a book worm with their neck craned in the wrong way for too long, encourage them to carry their favorite muscle blend oil like a SOOTHING BLEND or MASSAGE BLEND or TENSION BLEND. These might contain Peppermint, Basil, Marjoram, Wintergreen, Lavender, Cypress, Frankincense, and Roman Chamomile. 


Teens don't get enough sleep. Encourage them to have their own small sample roller bottle  filled with a RESTFUL blend, which might include Lavender, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang. A great diffuser recipe for sleep is below: 


Face it, imagine all the germs these kids are touching...DAILY. From their desk, to their friend's hands, to door knobs, to hand railings, more friend's hands. One might wonder, "How often are they washing their hands??" 

Keeping a sample bottle of a PROTECTIVE BLEND containing cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, orange, and lemon is a great way to keep them germ free. But pretty much every oil has some anti-bacterial properties to keep them clean. 


Lots of teens suffer from allergies, but all of them have the occasional congestion and stuffy nose. Encourage them to carry around a sample bottle of a RESPIRATORY BLEND or simply Eucalyptus or Peppermint. Keeps those airways clear!


Ok, this one's kind of funny, but teens stink. They do. All of them. Without exception. That's why they wear so much body spray, perfume, and other fragrances. 

Encourage them to at least keep the stinky shoes fresh by giving them a sample bottle of lemon to drop in their shoes every day. 

Think they won't do that? They might not, but encourage them to down some lemon in their water to keep them detoxing all day. 


All you need is the following: 

1. got oils? For Teens Lid Stickers

2. Key Chain Sample Case

3. Sample Bottles

The lid stickers for $1.95 give you enough stickers to make FOUR key chain sets. So if you have lots of teens in your life, make a few kits. The lid stickers will tell them what to use the oils for, the suggested oils and blends will help them know what's in the bottle. Talk about a great way to get your teens using their oils! 

*Picture here are lid stickers for got oils? For Teenage Girls 

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Just Ask, Got Oils? And go for NO!

Just Ask, Got Oils? And go for NO!

Have you ever felt a huge weight on your shoulders when you think about following up with someone? 

"What if I'm bugging them."

"What if they think I'm being too pushy" 

"What if I really mess this call up."

"What if I fail at this, I'll be a failure for life." 

Imagine if you approached all your follow up calls with the idea of "Going for no." Imagine how you'd show up, not caring if you get a "NO" because you expect to get a no? 

This principle is taught beautifully in the book "Going For No" by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. 

I wish we had it on our site, but alas, you may have to get it on Amazon... bummer! :)

Most people fear rejection, but what if you turned rejection on its' head and say, "I'm going for a NO?" It doesn't mean you're going to botch it on purpose, it just means that in your mind you'll remember and EXPECT that most people say no, on the first ask, but most people say yes on the THIRD.

Unfortunately, most people stop asking after the first time. 

Why? Because most people are afraid of the rejection. 

Rejection's HARMLESS. It's the meaning you give the rejection that is truly harmful.

If you offered someone $100.00 and they said "No," would you be super sad that they didn't take your offer? Would you think what a terrible salesperson you are. No, you'd think, "I offered them something amazing they just didn't see the value." I guess I need to get better at conveying the VALUE, instead of thinking I'm a failure because they didn't want my $100.00! So you go to the next person and say "Hey, do you want $100.00? Look, it's a $100.00 bill. It's yours! You can have it!" If they say no, then you continue to approach it a different way. 

When you get to the 15th person and that person finally says YES, it doesn't mean that YOU are all the sudden more valuable or that your OFFER is more valuable (it's always been worth $100), you just got better at conveying the value of your offer. 

You will get better at conveying the value of your offer with practice. But remember...

You can't develop confidence without capability. Unfortunately, you can't develop capability without confidence. 

So you have to keep practicing. You won't be really good right away unless there were times in your life when you had the chance to practice in prior jobs or opportunities.

The best way to develop confidence and capability is to just practice; to JUST ASK! 

Want to develop a bit more confidence, start sporting a t-shirt that says, "got oils?" 

Make it a conversation starter. When someone says, "Ha, got oils? Kinda like got milk?" you say, "Exactly...." and start your conversation. 

So here's some valuable content for you to consider HOW you frame your success. And here's a tool for you to remember to "just ask." 

To your success folks! To your success!! 

Steve Baer



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Small Business Saturday 2016

Your Oil Tools will be open for a special Saturday. Get a free gift and do a bit of Christmas Shopping!!

Your Oil Tools 78 Londonderry Turnpike D-5, Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106


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Post-Halloween Party Planning

Post-Halloween Party Planning

I've always wanted a Halloween inspired essential oil party. However with kids trick or treating and the myriad of other activities going on the week leading up to it, I decided POST HALLOWEEN party was best. 

We have the perfect product for your post halloween party! 

Here's how it works!

Set a date for your event. We would recommend the window between November 3 - 10th. 

Purchase your M&T kit, which comes with 20 invitation, 11 recipe sheets, 10 table tent cards and 11 label sheets. Check out the suggested order listed below:

Invite your friends to bring their children and come in costume. 

Set up your stations and teach the basics of essential oils by focusing on the kids. Teach to their level. 

Have a few blends made up in order to let the kids sample them ahead of time. 

Serve healthy food and low sugar treats to help people during their Halloween-Thanksgiving 21 day diets! 

Charge $5.00 per blend 

Suggested Order for a Successful Event:

Progeny's Potions M&T Kit: $34.95

Flat of 144 clear glass roller bottles: $49.95

Progeny Potions Lid Stickers: $2.95

Fractionated Coconut Oil:  $4.95 (4 oz)

Consider also one of our gift ideas consisting of a 10 vial key chain holder, 10 3 ml roller bottles, and the lid stickers for Progeny's Potions. It's the perfect set of oils to give to a child! 




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Your Oil Tools Goes Global for Good

Your Oil Tools Goes Global for Good

Many essential oil users crave the opportunity to do good, whether that is by applying a few drops of oil to someone suffering or by being part of larger humanitarian causes. 

We've been exploring ways to bring products into our store that would have a global effect for customers who place a lot of value on that. 

We all want our products for the lowest possible price, but that will come at a price for someone. The more  the philosophy of "Everyday Low Prices" prevails, the more pressure on suppliers to lower costs, which places pressures on workers or on the suppliers of raw materials. That's an Economics lesson for another day. 

We discovered a wonderful non-profit organization that brings hand made and individually crafted products to the USA from nations like the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Peru, Uganda and others. We initially inquired about designing and bringing to market a specific product. 

What we found instead was an enterprising and talented woman in Cambodia had already manufactured something that was perfect for essential oils!

Meet Sok!

Sok is a handicapped, single mom of a 10 year old boy. She makes these little pouches to support her and her son. We discovered they perfectly fit 5, 10 ml roller bottles of essential oils.


That front pocket in front is great for flat samples. Young Living reps give out samples packets of oils that would fit perfectly. doTERRA reps give out samples of toothpaste or a muscle rub that would fit perfectly in the smaller, front pocket. Alternatively, doTERRA reps could put their trio samples in the large pocket. For a normal user of essential oils, this is perfect to carry around your five favorite blends in a 10 ml roller bottle (one for head tension, one for muscle pain, one for emotions, one for immune support, or one containing a favorite blend).

When we saw these pouches we thought, these are perfect! So we bought the suppliers entire inventory located here in the United States. If they sell as well as we think, we hope to keep Sok busy supporting her family as best as she knows how. 

But wait there's more! 

We have a small supply of these Perfect Pouches, which can act as a small purse and hold essential oils as well (especially 10 ml roller bottles). 

These products will be added to our store soon and we hope to continue doing a lot of good with our global partner and with our partners on the ground, these talented artisans doing there best to support their families.

Go Global for Good all you Humanitarian Entrepreneurs! 


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Diffuser Recipes: February 8 - 14

February 8

Some diffuser blends I create are based on how the oils mix in my hands. Today I used the Digestive Blend which is a combination of Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel, Coriander, Tarragon and a few others.

TANGENT:  I get canker sores in my mouth as a reaction to food that is not good for me (too much dairy, sugar, white flour, things like that). Well, I recently discovered that if I put the digestive blend around the outside of my mouth the oils have a remarkable ability to at least calm those sores so they're not as sensitive. It goes along with my theory that sometimes external skin manifestations may be linked to digestive issues and therefore digestive supporting oils may help with some of those skin irritations. Just a thought to try for yourself. 

So I had the digestive blend in my hands already and decided to add Grapefruit and White Fir to it. It smelled pretty good! But what to call it? I checked with my handy dandy emotions book and found that White Fir helps with releasing emotion. So I named it "Release".

February 9

Today I woke up a little edgy. I won't bore you with the details, other than to say that I was feeling a little discontent. 

Sometimes the inspiration for these diffuser recipes comes from a blend from a company. So, I looked at my emotions wheel and saw "Discontentment" and saw a Renewing Blend would be good for that emotion. 

I started with three drops of Bergamot then added one drop of Myrrh and one drop of Juniper Berry. Funny thing about the Myrrh, it's so think that I can hardly get a drop out, I almost rubbed it into my hands. That combination didn't quite have the aroma I wanted. The Renewing Blend includes Thyme and Spruce and I thought to myself, "Thyme won't smell good with this" and I don't have a single Spruce oil. So I went to Douglas Fir. Two drops of that with the others smelled quite nice. 

I've had a much more pleasant and productive morning as a result! Hope you liked it!

 February 10

I had just gotten off the treadmill for my 5 mile run and I was needing some "help supporting muscles and joint comfort and function." 

I consulted with YL's massage blend called OrthoEase and put a few ingredients from their blend together and added White Fir. Smelled wonderful and I applied it topically to my knees, calves, and hamstrings. Later my almost three year old approached me and said, "Mmmmm". I said, "Does it smell good?" He said, "Ya!" "What is it?" I asked. "Oys!" (oils). I love how my kids love the oils. 

BONUS RECIPE from January 25th

We missed posting a diffuser recipe on January 25th because I was traveling that day. I was pleasantly surprised when we had MULTIPLE customers ask "Where's January 25th?" I told a few of them we'd eventually create a January 25th diffuser recipe. Finally another customer asked about it. I needed some clever way to present this diffuser blend instead of posting, "Uh, so here's January 25th. Sorry we missed it." Lame!

I came up with "Escape". January 25th escaped and we found her! I used our Essential Perfumes Make & Take Class as the inspiration for this blend. It's not exactly what you will find in the perfume kit. But it required me to do something I've NEVER done...apply Patchouli. 

Patchouli and me, we have a relationship that goes WAAAAAY back to when my wife first started. It was the only oil that she shared with me that I said, "Uh, gross, no way, this is nasty!" (Sorry to any Patchouli fans out there, but the story gets better). I dislike Patchouli so much that we have the FIRST bottle we ever purchased from 4+ years ago. We do not use that oil. 

Well, I've been a little hormonal lately (yes, men have a monthly hormone cycle too - start tracking it with your significant other and you might find a pattern!). I created that recipe and all the sudden I was a bit more chipper the rest of the day. 

When Jenny smelled me she says, "Is that patchouli?" and I had her smell my hands. She was shocked Later in the day after being a more pleasant work from home Dad she says, "Maybe you should wear patchouli more often." 

We will see if Pat and I can reconcile our longstanding hostility towards one another. It may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or at least he can be that weird cousin that I see every now and again, express pleasantries, and then move on. 


February 11

Excuse me while I express some vulnerability here. Today is the 22nd anniversary of when my father passed away. 

He passed away at age 54, when I was a preteen. His death was sudden and unexpected and it's left a very deep impression on my life. 

So in honor of those who suffer from any loss, we hope you can find comfort in your sufferings. 

One of our customers commented on Facebook that this blend "smelled like heaven." When I read it, it brought tears to my eyes because my inspiration in creating this blend was partially "what would Dad like?" I knew he would like Myrrh and Orange. So to think it smells like what Dad would like in heaven was a very comforting thought to me. 

February 12

I was consolidating two bottles of Thyme into one and had the smell of Thyme on my hands. So naturally I say to my wife, "Today's blend needs to have Thyme." I checked out the Modern Essentials Usage Guide  (which is sadly sold out right now) and looked for oils that blended well with Thyme. The suggestions were Bergamot and Rosemary. I added a drop of Rosemary and three of Bergamot. It smelled ok. (To be honest I may use that as a blend sometime in September when you've long forgotten about February 12th!). I added three drops of Lemon, ran up the stairs and said, "Jenny smell my hands. It smells just like Pledge!" 

Seems like such a weird thing to say to a loved one "Smell my hands!" but that's what we crazy oil peeps do. 

Anyway, consider adding the same ratio of oils to a spray bottle and fill to the top with water and it will be a nice, dusting spray in your home or office. 

February 13 and 14

For Valentine's Day we had to come up with blends that go with love. I consulted with the Essential Life book and checked out the section on libido. Quite the interesting read. I created two diffuser blends based on the information I found there. 

Geranium is another one of those oils that we don't use too frequently. We're only on bottle #2 in the last five years. It is an ingredient used in detoxing blends, but it is frequently used in perfumes due to its' floral smell.

We hope everyone enjoyed this week of diffuser recipes. What was your favorite?

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Diffuser Recipes: February 1st - 7th

Welcome to our weekly blog post discussing the inspiration behind our diffuser recipes. I'm not going too far back in time here so we'll start with February's diffuser blends. 

February 1:

You may be shocked to find out that sometimes the diffuser blends we create come from looking at the oil bag and musing, "I wonder what would go well together?" To be honest, I almost treat it like muscle testing. If you don't know about muscle testing it's a weird voodoo thing in the holistic community. Does it work? I've seen some weird stuff to suggest it can. But I digress.....

In this case I started with Ylang Ylang and Peppermint then let my hand hover over my oil case until it landed on the rest. I sort of felt like Indigo from the Princess Bride when he was using his sword to be guided to the "Pit of Despair." (Don't even think about trying to escape!) But I digress, AGAIN...

It has a nice uplifting aroma. 

February 2

It's tricky to come up with appealing names that describe digestion! Digestion doesn't recall to the mind the most pleasant or appealing verbs or adjectives. Absorb is what I came up with! The idea behind this blend was to be a combination of some normal digestive supporting oils like fennel, peppermint, and coriander. I suppose I could have added ginger as another excellent digestive oil. Ultimately, when I added three drops of lemon to the other digestive oils it smelled great! 

For topical use, this blend could be added together with 7-10 drops of carrier oil and applied around the navel to aid with an occasional upset stomach. 

My favorite digestive blend though is equal parts peppermint, fennel, and ginger in a capsule and taken internally. Some folks advocate against the internal use of essential oils but if the brand you trust indicates it is safe to take internally, then I would trust them. After all, that company would have a lot on the line to make sure their customers stay healthy.

February 3

Oh happy day. I was invited to go to Disneyland by a friend with my wife and our youngest child. We are major "Disnerds" so I just had to do a mash up of two of my favorite things: Disney and Essential Oils. The idea behind the Happy blend is to uplift the mood, which one can accomplish with citrus oils. 

If you are ever looking for a crowd pleasing diffuser blend, this one should do the trick. 

And to give photo credit where it is due, this photo came from, which was one of my favorite resources when I planned a Disney World vacation a couple years back. Tom Bricker provides excellent Disney advice, though you may want to come to us for our input.

Rule #1: Never go to a Disney Park during Summer Vacation, Thanksgiving, or between Christmas and New Years unless you wish to relish in crowds. 

February 4

If we are going to do a Happy blend, we might as well do another dwarf inspired blend and call it Grumpy. 

The inspiration for this one was from the doTERRA blend called "ClaryCalm." These are four of the ingredients found in that blend (and yes, we have on the docket oil combinations inspired by blends from other companies too!).  

I have an almost 3 year old. He is such a sweet boy. Except when he's not. Every so often he gets into a major fit when life does not go his way. If that fit goes on and on, then we add some liquid calm and it soothes him quite nicely.  

I have another Grumpy blend that works nicely for me, but it's more of a holiday/winter scent so we'll cover that one on Day 347 of Diffuse it Daily. Mark your calendar!

February 5

My goal as I was creating a diffuser blend that day was to figure out something that would use Oregano. Some day I will find a blend that uses Oregano, but when I put Oregano, Thyme, and Marjoram together with some lemon it was not pleasing to my dear wife. Can't imagine why...

So I came up with "Mediterranean" inspired by Lemon from Sicily, Basil from Italy, and Lavender from France. Just thinking about that blend makes me want to book that Mediterranean cruise I've longed to do. 

At least the picture takes me there a bit. 

February 6

Sometimes as I scroll through different essential oil group pages I find people advocating certain mixtures of oils for different things. The blend from February 6 was a focus blend one of our customers was sharing on a Facebook group page. Since I have something else planned for Focus, I named this one Sharp, since I found a cool picture with a pointy building. Seemed apropos. 

February 7

Ah yes, our LEAST popular Facebook post was the one that was a mashup of another one of my favorite things and essential oils. FOOTBALL. I should know better. I mean, the essential oil community doesn't have as much overlap with the football loving community, but some day it will! 

This was an accidental blend. I was testing out a new diffuser for our partners SpaRoom. I've had a little night time cough the last week or so I put Cardamom in the diffuser that night. The next day we added Lime and it smelled delicious. 

So to celebrate the Super Bowl we put those two aromas together. They go together like Cam Newton and pouting, like Von Miller and sacks, and like Peyton Manning and retirement. 

And I thought it was clever to have roman numerals for February 7th. But apparently no one else did. :)

Wishing everyone a happy week!



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Diffuser Recipes: Week of January 24th

My wife told me to just combine White Fir and Orange together for a diffuser recipe. Only problem is I've set the precedent to do three or four oils in each of the recipes. Then I realized these two scents went nicely together at a popular ride at the Happiest Place on Earth. So if you need to return to that magical place, here's a scent to bring you back. 
The next diffuser blend was simply inspired by exercise. I had just run 5 miles and I was sore. So a little Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass was the ticket to get my knees feeling better after a longish run. 
I had missed January 25th due to travels and I told my wife that I needed to be more consistent. She said, "OK, but whatever you do, make sure it has Lime in it." So here it is! 
Basically, I love citrus. I love how it uplifts my spirits. The combination of different citrus oils with an invigorating oil like Peppermint is a great way to start your day. 

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