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Using Essential Oils to cope with PTSD

Using Essential Oils to cope with PTSD

Frank Ritz is a service-disabled combat veteran that has integrated natural means to help him in his journey to recover from trauma. He was kind enough to share his daily routine. In it, he shares the essential oils he uses, the supplements he takes and the habits he maintains to help him deal with his symptoms and live a healthy life. If you're interested to learn more, he also helped us develop our PTSD educational card.


My Daily Routine. Healing from serious personal trauma can be a lifelong journey. Physical recovery is often outlasted by a mental struggle and can result in a series of long-lasting symptoms. Each day may be plagued with a sense that you’re no longer who you used to be, a truly terrifying state of being. Each traumatic experience is utterly personal and no two battles to recover are ever the same. But, as someone personally familiar with the disorder, I can assure you of two absolute truths: (1) you are NOT alone, and (2) you are worth it!

Millions of Americans struggle with PTSD each year. A staggering 8% of the population is expected to deal with the mental disorder at some point in their lives. As a member of that afflicted population, I want to share with you my daily routine. I’ve include both personal and essential oil habits I use to arm my body and mind with tools that help stymie the worst of my symptoms. In sharing, I hope to offer some help with the struggle against PTSD.

My morning. I wake up early, not because of the PTSD, but by choice. Getting up early provides me with the opportunity to reflect on the previous day and prepare for the one at hand. I also treasure an early morning’s quiet lack of distraction! Before beginning with my supplements I take time to read and to pray.

Essential oils and dietary supplements are important parts of my day. They help support my body and thus, my mind and spirit. As far as oils go, I frequently use Copaiba, Frankincense and Pink Pepper: each great for boosting mental awareness and promoting cellular health. Also, I’ve developed my own roller bottle recipe. In it, I add the Restful Blend, Grounding Blend, Vetiver and Roman Chamomile. I have affectionately named this concoction the Warrior Blend. I will roll out the blend onto the back of my neck, across my wrists and over my heart. I keep this blend on me at all times, only ever removing it from my pocket to re-apply!

The supplements I take are to boost metabolism and help my body run smoothly. I developed my own personal supplemental schedule with the help of my healthcare provider. If you’re interested to learn what supplements may enhance your own health, I’d recommend speaking with your doctor. Basic blood labs can often point you in the right direction to get started!  

My afternoon. After lunch, I like to re-apply my Warrior Blend. I also like diffusing a mint and citrus oil, paring two oils that ALWAYS go fabulously with one another. Consider using Peppermint with Wild Orange or, my personal fav, Spearmint with Lime. The mixture of oils help stimulate the body’s natural ability to promote homeostasis, a ‘steady state’. Finding ‘balance’ for your body and mind in the midst of our hectic lives is no simple task, but can be immensely beneficial for your long-term mental and physical health!

My evening. My evenings are reserved for family and friends – the most effective medicine I have! I’ve made every effort to cultivate a tradition of sit-down family meals wherein we discuss one another’s days. We like sharing our “highs and lows.” Everyone around the table discusses the awesome and not-so-awesome aspects of their day. If the not-so-awesome parts of anyone’s day can be avoided or alleviated with help from another, we’ll address it and offer solutions. This practice has helped create a great social network within my family.

Establishing your room as your own personal oasis helps ensure restful nights. A regular sleep schedule is paramount to my mental and physical well-being. When I set my bedtime at 10pm, for instance, it’s important to me to be ASLEEP by 10, not just in bed. 30 minute prior to falling asleep, I’ll diffuse the Restful Blend, which helps. But, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule requires considerable personal discipline. QUICK TIP: If you have a TV in your room, remove it! While you’re at it, remove all computers, tablets or smartphones from arm’s reach. The blue light emitted from many of our cherished electronics can stimulate wakefulness within the mind, making it difficult to fall asleep.

As I fall asleep, I say my devotionals, giving thanks for the day and looking forward to the next. If there’s something in particular that’s bothering you, I’ve found it helpful to write it down. My belief: once it’s on that paper, it’s not allowed in your head while you sleep.  

That’s my day! I hope it helps. If you want to learn more or help with the education of another, check out the PTSD educational card I helped to develop.


If you are looking to further your journey into dealing with trauma using essential oils, you can start by checking out my essential oil trauma protocols, and learn a bit more about me! Just click this link to get started.

Top 6 Essential Oil Solutions for Cold and Cough

Top 6 Essential Oil Solutions for Cold and Cough

Top 6 Essential Oil Solutions for Cold and Cough Season!

Essential Oils can provide a powerful natural remedy for seasonal threats. They are a wonderful alternative to the usual cough syrups and other artificial cold and cough solutions. Instead of picking up your usual over the counter cold medicine, experiment with using essential oils to achieve the same (or better) effect. This information should not be used as medical advice. Please consult your doctor should you need medical advice.

Looking for more information on colds, coughs and how to fight them with essential oils? Check out our Cold & Cough Educational cards!

  • Protect Your Immunity - Help to keep yourself germ free and boost your immunity by doing any of these things:  
      1. Place one drop of the Protective Blend in your hand and use it as a hand sanitizer.
      2. Make a hand sanitizer spray with a 2oz spray bottle, water, ½ tsp of Aloe Vera liquid and 20 drops of Protective Blend. Use it as often as needed.
      3. Take a capsule of essential oils internally on a daily basis during the season if recommended by the for ingestion by manufacturer. Use only as directed. Not all essential oils are safe for ingestion.

  • When You Feel It In The Throat
      1. Continue with the first steps listed above.
      2. Gargles are a very effective way to mitigate a sore throat. If you find yourself starting to get some discomfort in your throat, gargle 1 drop of Protective Blend in your mouth with water.
      3. Drink 2 drops of Lemon essential oil in 8oz of water to stay hydrated. Hydration is key to fighting off seasonal illness.
      4. Apply any of the following Frankincense, Marjoram, Lime, Eucalyptus, or Melaleuca to your throat. Dilute as necessary.
      5. Dilute hot oils like Oregano, Protective Blend, Thyme & Cassia and apply to the bottom of feet. (This is great for small children)
      6. Add Melissa or Myrrh to the bottom of your feet.

    Throat Spray is a beautiful spray blend which you can use easily throughout the day as needed. Using a 1oz spray bottle, add 8 drops of Protective Blend, 2 drops Frankincense & 1 drop Melissa. Fill to the top with water. Shake the bottle and spray directly into the mouth as needed.

    Diffuser Blend for Cold & Cough - An essential oil diffuser is a powerful aromatherapy tool, enabling you to easily and effectively turn any enclosed area into a naturally cleansed space. For cold and cough, add 1 drop Oregano, 3 drops Lemon, 2 drops Protective Blend, 1 drop Cinnamon (optional) and combine in the diffuser with water. Double the recipe as necessary.

  • When Stuffiness Hits
      1. Use any of the following Respiratory Blend, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Copaiba or Rosemary around the nose. Careful of eye contact. Dilute as necessary. Apply oils to the bottoms of the feet.
      2. Diffuse 6 drops total of oils that combine immune system protection with respiratory support.
  • Try This For Your Cough - Get a daily drop of protection by doing any of the following:
      1. Add 2 drops Frankincense and 2 drops Respiratory Blend in your hand. Cup your hands around your mouth and breathe in like an inhaler, or apply to a nasal inhaler for easier portable use.
      2. For a deep painful chest cough try 1 drops each Rosemary, Frankincense and Eucalyptus applied directly on the chest diluted as required.
      3. For a wet throat cough, try  1 drops each Peppermint, Rosemary and Lime. Rub directly on chest and throat diluted as required.
      4. For a dry hacking cough, try  1 drops each Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon and myrrh. Apply directly to throat and chest diluted as required.

        Instead of artificial cough syrup you can try an all natural, essential oil based recipe to help sooth your throat. Take ½ cup of honey and add 8 drops each Lemon, Frankincense, Clove, Peppermint and Orange. Take 1 tsp every 2-3 hours as needed.

  • Anti-Bacterial - To create an anti-bacterial “bomb” try the following in an empty veggie capsule:
      1. 1 drop Oregano
      2. 1 drop Frankincense
      3. 1 drop Copaiba
      4. 1 drop Melaluca
      5. 1 drop Protective Blend
      6. 1 drop Melissa


    • Take internally only if recommended by Essential Oil Company.
    • Max 2-3 capsules daily
    • Drink 70-100 oz of water during day
    • Discontinue if you feel any adverse reactions
    • Use only with therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Infections & Fevers
      1. For earaches, use 1-2 drops of Basil, Melaleuca or Copaiba below the ear. Do NOT insert into the ear canal, diluted as required.
      2. For eye discomfort, apply 1-2 drops of Basil, Melaleuca or Copaiba around the orbital bone of the eye diluted as required. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and eyelids.
      3. For fevers, apply 2-4 drops of Peppermint on the forehead, temples, back of neck and along the spine. Other oils to try include: Basil, Lime and Lavender. Dilute as needed.


    There are four phases to your doTERRA business building experience. Using a metaphor of the actual CONSTRUCTION of a building, you have the following phases:





    In our new product DIG DOWN DEEP, we compare building doTERRA to building a building. What is happening all too often is people begin "BUILDING" when they don't even have a foundation to build on, let alone the prep work to be successful. 

    Some of this is perpetuated by the notion that when you "GET STARTED" you just need to find your three builders. 

    In our analogy, that's like building the floors, walls, ceiling and roof without even preparing the ground first or pouring the foundation. 

    How do these four areas of constructing a building relate to building a doTERRA business?


    This is the prep period, the apprenticeship, the educational phase, the internship, etc. In construction, people start off as low skilled laborers. They don't know a lot, and they need time to learn it. DIG DOWN DEEP outlines what people need to know and be able to do in order to go to the next phase. If they haven't mastered the principles, beliefs, and skills outlined in DIG DOWN DEEP they will have a more difficult time building a solid foundation.


    This phase is meant to be the Launch to Elite phase, the phase in which people focus on adding customers, lots of them, who will enroll, identify a wellness or lifestyle need, and then do an LRP order. When YOU know how to enroll customers and help them see the value of LRP, you are ready for this next phase. 

    People treat the "Launch to Elite" phase as the beginning of their business. When we "Launched" our store, we had some prior experience and were able to launch it with some initial success. If people haven't had success before, the "Launching" part is really the trial and error, apprenticeship part we outline in Phase 1: DIG DOWN DEEP. 

    People who launch too early, without the skills to be really successful, are in greater risk of having their expectations unmet, experiencing rejection without knowing how to deal with it, and who could ultimately disappoint you when they don't turn out to be the builders you hoped they would. 


    When you build a building, you BUILD UP! You help people who want to BUILD, become BUILDERS. In order for these people to be successful builders they need to DIG DOWN DEEP. Then you will know they are builders and read to go through the FOUNDATIONS process of adding customers.

    In essence, you know you have a solid builder when they've gone through the process of preparing their groundwork and are successfully laying a foundation of strong customers. 

    You might even consider asking your strong upline to mentor and support your enrollees who have become builders. 


    When you advance to Phase Four you are like the General Contractor who can now oversea all the different people who are operating within their areas of expertise. You can help them in order to finish off your rank. 

    In PHASE FOUR you are helping your builders as they train their teams. 

    You can help a brand new person DIG DOWN DEEP. You can help another builder shore up their foundation by adding customers who you enroll to their foundation. You can help builders polish off their skills as they work with more and more people of diverse backgrounds and characteristics. You can motivate, help everyone reach their goals, and go into true leadership mode during THIS PHASE. 


    The problem people have when building doTERRA is they skip ahead to Phase 3 (identify builders) and Phase 4 (lead or manage or inspire) and then they expect other people to also jump ahead to Phase 3 and Phase 4 WITHOUT helping people get the right foundation. 

    Imagine asking a brand new employee on a job site, a kid, with no work experience, to start installing the plumbing or electrical into a building. Imagine saying, "Hey kiddo, you're a builder now because you showed up and said, 'I want to build.'" 

    But that's effectively what we are doing with people when they express even the faintest interest in building doTERRA. "You're hired! Now start installing the roof!" 

    Oh no. Don't go there yet. They need to get skills first. They need an apprenticeship program. They need time to practice, to fail, to learn, and ultimately to decide if they want to be a real builder. If they go through the DIG DOWN DEEP process and you can check off all the boxes, they are ready to move forward and start building. 

    Just remember, when they get started, they are metaphorically grabbing a shovel and learning how to build by digging trenches. Fortunately, it's much more joyful than just turning dirt! 


    Nope. It's a perspective. Someday there will be a derivative of this concept that will turn into a business training, but DIG DOWN DEEP is for the following people:

    1. Any doTERRA Leader or Builder

    2. Builders who are STUCK and are wondering how to move forward

    3. "Pretend Builders" - People who think they're building when they aren't - at all! 

    4. Frustrated builders - people who have been trying for a while to make this business work for them but aren't gaining traction.  

    This 26 page booklet is the least expensive PERSPECTIVE you could purchase on how to reevaluate your business and decide if you have the right builders in place or if you need to clear new ground and lay a new foundation to move forward. It's $2.95 for one booklet or $19.95 for 10.

    Good luck as you DIG DOWN DEEP

    Call us Y.O.T.

    Call us Y.O.T.


    We've gone through lots of change, up-leveling, evolution and improvement since we first opened our business nearly three years ago! From the look, to the feel, to the mindset of the people behind the curtain. 

    This nugget of truth below applies to everyone:

    "Our businesses are a reflection of the improvement we all experience as we grow." 

    When you first started your own essential oil business, it might have been your first time as a business owner. 

    It could have been your first time in the health and wellness industry. 

    Or the first time you attempted to market yourself to the best clientele possible. 

    Change was needed. Hopefully you have taken your game to higher levels as you continue to grow your business. 

    We have too! 

    We've up-leveled our brand to reflect the same quality of the oils you sell, the products you make, and the lifestyle you share. 

    Part of that change is the new look, the new logo and color scheme, but also an easier name to say:


    Our friends call us Y.O.T. Our local customers say things like, "Hey, I'm going to Y.O.T. this week, you need me to pick you something?" Or, "Let me take you to Y.O.T. so you can see all the awesome products available for new essential oil users." 

    Call us Y.O.T. 

    We continue to be Your Oil Tools, but at our heart, we're your friends, Steve & Steve, at Y.O.T. looking to help you grow your business, success, and life!

    To celebrate we are offering $10 off a $75.00 purchase through September 30, 2017. Use promo code "CALLUSYOT" at checkout.