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Fairy Tale Recipe Bi-Fold


Make & Take Your Dreams Come True With This Fairy Tale Of Essential Oil Blends!

Go on an essential oil journey with the Fairy-Tale Princess and her Magical Unicorn, as she discovers ways to use her essential oils to "make & take" her dreams come true.

"Once upon a time in a far, far away village, there was a beautiful princess.
This village had flowers all over, and the villagers were so happy that they danced all day. Just past the village, the princess’ castle was at the base of a very tall mountain!"
Second image shows inside of bi-fold with blurred recipes.
  • Contents: (1) Make & Take recipes & story guide  - labels not included.
  • Recipes Included: Butterfly Spray, Happy Unicorn Blend, Princess Blend, Magic Slippers Stinky Troll Spray
  • Directions: Follow the recipes & fill your roller bottle. Labels for this recipe sheet can be purchased here.

Brand Neutral Approved