Oil Camp Academy

Oil Camp Companion Kit: Continued Practice

During Oil Camp we teach you how to use your essential oils. But we don’t want to stop there! We want to help you discover how simple it is to live a wellness LIFESTYLE. From chemical-free household cleaners to a catch-all spray for owies, we’ll teach you how living healthier and happier can be easy, affordable, and FUN! 

This exclusive kit was specially designed to complement your experience at Oil Camp. Inside you’ll find perfectly-sized containers, ready-made labels, and recipe-refreshers so you can DIY right along with us! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Included in This Kit

Soothing Salve

Camp Day 3

8oz Jar

All-Purpose Spray

Camp Day 4

16oz Bottle w/ Spray Top

Owie Spray

Camp Day 8

2oz Bottle w/ Misting Top & Lid

First Aid Kit

Camp Day 9

Container and 5/8 Dram Bottle

Hand Cleansing Spray

Camp Day 10

2oz Bottle w/ Misting Top & Lid

Light Blue

Camp Day 11

10ml Bottle w/ Roller Top & Lid

DIY Recipes

Products From Camp

Bottles & Containers

What else?