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What is the Brain Health Collection?

Dr. Danielle Daniel created the Brain Health Collection to help people use essential oils for the brain to manage mood and emotions holistically and effectively. She has over 20 years of experience with essential oils and about 20 years of experience in the mental health field. She is passionate about empowering others to success through emotional wellness and has achieved a high level of success through her wellness model.


Mental Health & Aromatherapy - Your Oil Tools

With 70-90% of the population using a natural health alternative, Dr. Danielle Daniel researched how to use alternative  medicine like aromatherapy on those dealing with PTSD and other mental health symptoms. This book is the published version of the doctoral dissertation which she defended in January 2020 and is the result of an extensive literature review on the neurobiology of PTSD, the neuroscientific findings of aromatherapy, and phenomenological qualitative research study. Through her doctoral dissertation, she has created a new area of study in the mental health field called “Psychoaromacology” and the treatment application thereof called “Psychoaromatherapy”.

This chart provides lists of which oils are best for each part of the brain, while explaining the functions of the major parts of the brain. On the back side, you will find an Emotions Guide with lists of essential oils, as well as which oils are best to use for the main neurotransmitters associated with emotional wellness. 

Includes: (1) Double-Sided, Laminated Chart

Brain Chart - Your Oil Tools