Use Essential Oils to Improve Your Wellness Lifestyle

Use Essential Oils to Improve Your Wellness Lifestyle


Living a healthy lifestyle is hard for most people. With easy access to processed food and the stress of balancing friends, family, and your job, life can be tough sometimes. Some of the more popular things to do to stay healthy are physical exercise and eating healthy. Once you start experiencing the positive effects of living healthy, you'll want more, and that's where essential oils come in.


You can use so many different essential oils to aid you in your healthy lifestyle. Aromatherapy can be used along with physical exercise to ease muscle soreness and fatigue. This is just one great example, but there are so many more.


Here are some essential oils you can use daily and the symptoms they treat:


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  • - Stimulates appetite
  • - Decreases fatigue
  • - Energizes and purifies


  • - Releases tension
  • - Decreases mental fatigue
  • -  Eases motion sickness and nausea
  • - Brings balance to a room


  • - Helps with sleep
  • - Calms anxiety
  • - Decreases general discomfort
  • - Brings peace to a room


  • - Aids in digestion
  • - Uplifts the spirit
  • - Energizes
  • - Combats unpleasant odors




  • - Eases pain
  • - Energizes
  • - Decreases moderate depression or anxiety



Essential Oils for the Outdoors


Essential Oils are a healthy alternative to commonly used, chemical-based products. From sunscreen to bug repellent, the use of essential oil provides for a healthier lifestyle. Only use high-grade essential oils from a trusted brand and follow the safety information on essential oil bottles. 


Make Your Own Sunscreen


- ½ cup of almond or apricot oil
- ¼ cup of coconut oil (natural SPF 4)
- ¼ cup of beeswax
- 1 Tbsp zinc oxide
- 5-10 drops of Sandalwood essential oil

Heat the beeswax and coconut oil over low heat on the stove until melted. Remove from heat. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and pour into an airtight container for easy usage. Apply liberally before exposure to sunlight. Recipes for making your own bug spray and sunburn relief lotion can be found in the Everyday Essentials Guidebook. This guidebook also gives you an introduction to essential oils and the many ways to use them in your everyday life. We highly recommend if for anyone trying to use essential oils in their everyday life. 


Essential Oils for Sleep


Sleep is essential for living a healthy lifestyle and just as important to eat healthy and get physical exercise, but many people neglect it. Some think that sleeping is a waste of time, and this idea will cause people to not get enough sleep. 

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Sleep is necessary for:


  • - Fighting off infection
  • - Perform well at school and work
  • - Supports Metabolism


Consider the following to improve your sleeping habit:


1. Improve your diet with the best vitamins and supplements.
2. When you increase physical activity during the day, you will need recovery in the evening.
3. Make your bedroom a sleep space only. Take work and entertainment out of your bedroom.
4. Make your room as dark as possible. Research has shown that a blackout room is the best

for proper hormone production like melatonin.

5. If you are a night owl, stay up late but get the full hours of sleep you need. If you're an early

bird, go to bed early so that you can rise early.


Top Essential Oils for Sleeping:


  • - Juniper Berry
  • - Roman Chamomile
  • - Vetiver
  • - Sandalwood
  • - Frankincense
  • - Lavender


Final Thoughts


Essential oils really have the power to help you live a healthy and natural life. There are so many different oils that can help you with so many things in your life. Essential oils are completely safe when used safely, and they are affordable. You will notice the results and find yourself using essential oils after an intense workout, and you will want to use them to get a good night's sleep. Whatever your lifestyle needs, there is an essential oil out there for you that can help.


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