Top 6 Essential Oil Solutions for Cold and Cough

Jan 18, 2019

Top 6 Essential Oil Solutions for Cold and Cough Season!

Essential Oils can provide a powerful natural remedy for seasonal threats. They are a wonderful alternative to the usual cough syrups and other artificial cold and cough solutions. Instead of picking up your usual over the counter cold medicine, experiment with using essential oils to achieve the same (or better) effect. This information should not be used as medical advice. Please consult your doctor should you need medical advice.

Looking for more information on colds, coughs and how to fight them with essential oils? Check out our Cold & Cough Educational cards!

  • Protect Your Immunity - Help to keep yourself germ free and boost your immunity by doing any of these things:  
      1. Place one drop of the Protective Blend in your hand and use it as a hand sanitizer.
      2. Make a hand sanitizer spray with a 2oz spray bottle, water, ½ tsp of Aloe Vera liquid and 20 drops of Protective Blend. Use it as often as needed.
      3. Take a capsule of essential oils internally on a daily basis during the season if recommended by the for ingestion by manufacturer. Use only as directed. Not all essential oils are safe for ingestion.

  • When You Feel It In The Throat
      1. Continue with the first steps listed above.
      2. Gargles are a very effective way to mitigate a sore throat. If you find yourself starting to get some discomfort in your throat, gargle 1 drop of Protective Blend in your mouth with water.
      3. Drink 2 drops of Lemon essential oil in 8oz of water to stay hydrated. Hydration is key to fighting off seasonal illness.
      4. Apply any of the following Frankincense, Marjoram, Lime, Eucalyptus, or Melaleuca to your throat. Dilute as necessary.
      5. Dilute hot oils like Oregano, Protective Blend, Thyme & Cassia and apply to the bottom of feet. (This is great for small children)
      6. Add Melissa or Myrrh to the bottom of your feet.

    Throat Spray is a beautiful spray blend which you can use easily throughout the day as needed. Using a 1oz spray bottle, add 8 drops of Protective Blend, 2 drops Frankincense & 1 drop Melissa. Fill to the top with water. Shake the bottle and spray directly into the mouth as needed.

    Diffuser Blend for Cold & Cough - An essential oil diffuser is a powerful aromatherapy tool, enabling you to easily and effectively turn any enclosed area into a naturally cleansed space. For cold and cough, add 1 drop Oregano, 3 drops Lemon, 2 drops Protective Blend, 1 drop Cinnamon (optional) and combine in the diffuser with water. Double the recipe as necessary.

  • When Stuffiness Hits
      1. Use any of the following Respiratory Blend, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Copaiba or Rosemary around the nose. Careful of eye contact. Dilute as necessary. Apply oils to the bottoms of the feet.
      2. Diffuse 6 drops total of oils that combine immune system protection with respiratory support.
  • Try This For Your Cough - Get a daily drop of protection by doing any of the following:
      1. Add 2 drops Frankincense and 2 drops Respiratory Blend in your hand. Cup your hands around your mouth and breathe in like an inhaler, or apply to a nasal inhaler for easier portable use.
      2. For a deep painful chest cough try 1 drops each Rosemary, Frankincense and Eucalyptus applied directly on the chest diluted as required.
      3. For a wet throat cough, try  1 drops each Peppermint, Rosemary and Lime. Rub directly on chest and throat diluted as required.
      4. For a dry hacking cough, try  1 drops each Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon and myrrh. Apply directly to throat and chest diluted as required.

        Instead of artificial cough syrup you can try an all natural, essential oil based recipe to help sooth your throat. Take ½ cup of honey and add 8 drops each Lemon, Frankincense, Clove, Peppermint and Orange. Take 1 tsp every 2-3 hours as needed.

  • Anti-Bacterial - To create an anti-bacterial “bomb” try the following in an empty veggie capsule:
      1. 1 drop Oregano
      2. 1 drop Frankincense
      3. 1 drop Copaiba
      4. 1 drop Melaluca
      5. 1 drop Protective Blend
      6. 1 drop Melissa


    • Take internally only if recommended by Essential Oil Company.
    • Max 2-3 capsules daily
    • Drink 70-100 oz of water during day
    • Discontinue if you feel any adverse reactions
    • Use only with therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Infections & Fevers
      1. For earaches, use 1-2 drops of Basil, Melaleuca or Copaiba below the ear. Do NOT insert into the ear canal, diluted as required.
      2. For eye discomfort, apply 1-2 drops of Basil, Melaleuca or Copaiba around the orbital bone of the eye diluted as required. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and eyelids.
      3. For fevers, apply 2-4 drops of Peppermint on the forehead, temples, back of neck and along the spine. Other oils to try include: Basil, Lime and Lavender. Dilute as needed.

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