Introducing Essential Oils to Your Family

Nov 5, 2020
Introducing Essential Oils to Your Family

Bringing essential oils into your family can have incredible benefits for your entire family and are completely safe for everyone, including your pets. These highly concentrated oils can be therapeutic for everyone in your house. Peace and calming effects are what you can expect from these oils, and they come with no side effects. Check out the Essential Oils Family Recipe Sheet, which includes common uses for 16 recipes designed to aid the whole family.  
Essential Oils are Great for Babies
It's normal to be skeptical about giving your newborn essential oils, but if you use them safely, then it's completely safe, and your baby will love them. It's important to know which oil is good or bad for your baby, so we recommend you research and read everything you can before applying essential oils to your baby. The Babies Recipe Bi-Fold and Family Recipe Bi-Fold are great resources for recipes and safety tips. Both of these recipe sheets offer ten recipes that are perfectly safe for your baby. After applying essential oils to your baby, make sure you carefully observe them. All babies are different. Essential oils that may be considered safe for another baby may not be safe for your baby. 

Safe Essential Oils for Babies:

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  • - Melaleuca
  • - Lavender
  • - Juniper
  • - Myrrh
  • - Roman Chamomile
  • - Lavender
  • - Sandalwood
  • - Orange
  • - Lavender
  • - Rosehip
  • - Lemon
  • - Marjoram
  • - Tea Tree
Essential Oils to Avoid:
These oils have a strong scent, and they could be too much for your baby's nose, so we

recommend you avoid them.

  • - Basil
  • - Sage and Clary Sage
  • - Wintergreen
  • - Peppermint
  • - Eucalyptus
  • - Hyssop
  • - Idaho Tansy
  • - Juniper
Teens Love Essential Oils

Every parent knows that the teenage years can be some of the most challenging times of their lives. The blend of growing up and taking on more responsibility can be very stressful, and that's where essential oils step in and help.

The Teens Recipe Bi-Fold contains recipes for your teen to help relax their body and mind. 
Giving your teenager the best teenage years possible is essential to their future. The decisions they make as a teen today could stay with them into their adult life.
Physical Benefits:
Essential oils help with immunity, achy joints, and muscles. If you have a teenage athlete in your house, these oils could have massive therapeutic effects for them.
Marjoram and Eucalyptus oils are popular oils among athletes for their abilities to boost workout recovery. These oils are known for calming and soothing muscles and are perfectly safe for your teen.

Hair and Skin:
During the teenage years, the way they look is important to them. If a teen is not confident with the way they look, then it could lead to other problems such as anxiety and depression. If your teenager is having problems with their hair or skin, then it's time to let essential oils step in and help.
Tea Tree essential oil can work incredibly well for skin problems. Many beauty products already contain Tea Tree oil. It can help clear pores, prevent blemishes, and keep oils at bay. They are used to help fight body odor and will keep your teen's feet healthy and free of irritation.
Lavender is another essential oil that can work well for hair and skin. Adding some lavender into your favorite carrier oil and massaging it into your scalp is a great way to help sooth a dry, flaky scalp. Lavender can help your skin remain hydrated, soft, and clean.
Decrease Stress and Promote Happiness:

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Stress and tension can impact teens in their long term health and could even carry over into

their adult years. Teens worry about doing well in school, making their parents happy, going to

college, getting a job, and maintaining friendships. It's understandable why most teens can be

pretty stressed out. According to the American Psychological Association, American teens are

now just as stressed out as adults.

If you think your teen is experiencing a mental health problem, then they should see a medical

professional and talk to them. For a day to day stress reliever, we highly recommend essential

oils for your teen. They can use them around the house or in a bath.

Your teen may even find a new hobby with essential oils. Your teen falling in love with essential oils is helpful because it could make them start to live a more healthy life, which will make them happy and give them something to look forward to every day.

Orange is a great essential oil for boosting and uplifting one's mood. If your teen wants to feel happy and relaxed, this is the oil for them.
Bergamot is one of the best essential oils for dealing with stress. Studies have shown that it can boost happiness and can ease the nervous system.

Jasmine is another essential oil that can promote happiness. Teens need essential oils to promote happiness to help them feel more confident and achieve their goals.

Focus, Homework, & Studying
For most teenagers, the school experience can be extremely stressful. Having good grades while trying to have a social life can be difficult for most teens. Doing better in school will lead to more confidence in and out of the classroom. Helping your teen as much as possible in school is essential for their overall growth. Studies on certain essential oils have shown to improve memory, focus, and concentration. Peppermint and orange, when combined, are best for clarity and focus.
Rosemary can have a positive effect on cognition and can improve the speed of learning while improving long-term memory.
Recipe for your Teen
Spark your teens drive with our roller blend recipe! When you notice your teen is feeling sluggish and needs a little extra oomp in their day then this is the blend for them!

  • - 5 drops Roman Chamomile
  • - 6 drops Ylang Ylang
  • - 4 drops Bergamot
  • - 3 drops Lavender
Add ingredients to a 10 ml roller bottle and top with carrier oil. Use this blend as needed to boost your teens energy level.

In Conclusion
We all want the best for our families! Essential oils are a recommended aid that will bring peace and calmness to your home. Anyone in your family can benefit from the therapeutic effects of essential oils, whether it's your newborn baby, your teenager, or adults. In plain words, essential oils are for EVERYBODY!

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