Diffuser Recipes

Jan 28, 2016

Diffuse it daily!! Many people are loving our daily diffuser recipes and asking where they came from. Well, without revealing ALL our trade secrets, here's how it began. 

I was treating myself to a facial (yes folks, guys can get facials) and the spa was diffusing essential oils at the front desk. They had an awesome blend going and I thought just how good it smelled. Written next to the diffuser were the oils in the diffuser.

I realized I had been underutilizing the essential oils at my disposal so I started blending different aromas together based on research I had done on emotions, for ailments, and just for kicks and giggles. 

And then for a New Year's Resolution I thought, let's share these. Here was the first one:

It's been very heart warming to see the enthusiasm of our customers in sharing these diffuser recipes. Here's our most popular so far (determined by number of shares):


How did I come up with these? Most of the time I started with a theme, then consulted which oil goes with the theme, and created a blend of two or three more that go well with it. Most of the time I blend them in my hand then I waft them at my kids or my wife and ask them what they think. If they shake their heads then I know to start over. If they like the smell, then I know I've got a winner! 

Thanks for being part of our diffusing journey. We hope you like these recipes but most importantly, that you are getting the most therapeutic benefit from the essential oils that you are so passionate about. 

If you ever have any questions about essential oil use, feel free to contact us directly at youroiltools@gmail.com. In the subject line put, "essential oil advice" and I will get back to you.

Happy diffusing! 

Steve Baer

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