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Our beautifully designed and content rich Tear Pads are absolutely perfect for you to use when sharing your favorite collections of Essential Oil blends and recipes with your friends and family. These Tear Pads also make an amazing educational material for teaching classes, one on one with new Essential Oil users.

Essential Oils for Women’s Wellness Tear Pad - Your Oil Tools

Knowing and understanding the female body is essential to women's health. The material found in this tear pad will empower women to understand their natural monthly rhythm along with the ebb and flow of hormones. The key information is as follows:

  • Women’s health
  • Are you imbalanced
  • Supporting women’s wellness by looking at the wellness pyramid
  • Women’s cycle
  • Essential oils for supporting women’s wellness

The reverse side contains more information on the key essential oils and supplements, and how they can support and affect women’s wellness equipping the reader to make choices on what their body needs at different times of the monthly cycle.

These materials can be used as a stand alone hand out for new or seasoned essential oil users, or as a basis of continued education or for teaching a class about women’s health and wellness.

  • Contents: (1) Essential Oils for Women's Wellness Tear Pad
  • Sheets: (25) Tear Pad Sheets

Great Outdoors Tear Pad - Your Oil Tools

Don't let the bugs, or a strong sun ruin your day!

Spending time outdoors can be a comfortable space where you, your family and your guests can relax and spend time together. Unfortunately, there are some bugs that can make these areas less appealing. It's easy and quick to freshen up clothes, ward off bugs and deter animals from sleeping on your patio cushions with little more than a spray bottle, water and a few essential oils.

Use the information on these tear sheets to get rid of unwanted bugs. Also available is a single laminate sheet 

  • Contents: 25 Tear Sheets
  • Information includes: Top 10 oils for the outdoors, Recipe for Bug Repellent, Recipe for Sun Screen, 6 Recipes for the challenges of being outdoors 
  • Not included: Essential Oils, Carrier Oils or Bottles
Gardening with Essential Oils Tearpad - Your Oil Tools

Simple and effective tips for naturally protecting any garden!

This gardening with essential oils tear pad covers tips and recipes that will help you eliminate pests, eliminate pesticides and enjoy gardening as it should be. 

You will find 3 easy ways to use essential oils while gardening, 10 recipes to use before, during and after Gardening and facts on why to use essential oils rather than pesticides.




These topical Tear Pads are great for teaching people the many uses of Essential Oils! They are also available as individual laminated sheets.

Business building Tear Pads are a great tool to help you grow your business!

Physical Health Tear Pad - Your Oil Tools

Information included in this tear pad will help you improve your overall physical fitness with the use of essential oils. Researchers have found that with essential oils, nutrition and exercise, you can improve your physical health and overall well-being. 

Single laminate sheet can be purchased here.

  • Contents: (25) Tear Sheets
  • Information Included: Recipes for sleep, 9 Essential oils for sleep and rest, Tips and and oils best relating to these: Physical Pain, Nutrition and Exercise
  • Not included: Essential Oils, Carrier Oils or Bottles


doTERRA Essential Oils Tear Pad - Your Oil Tools

This tear pad will unlock many questions you may have concerning essential oils and in particular oils harvested for doTERRA.

For those new to the amazing gift from God that essential oils are, they are incredibly potent oils! Essential oils has have been around for centuries and modern research has discovered many helpful and bountiful uses. They are extracted from plants to capture their flavors, scents, and overall therapeutic properties and then bottled for your needs.

Purchase the waterproof and oil resistant laminated sheet here.

Information Included

-Explanation of what essential oils are

-Using essential oils aromatically, internally, and topically

-Dilution safety information

-Quick reference guide for diluting essential oils

-Note section on the back which includes information on 10 doTERRA essential oils and blends!

Cleaning with doTERRA Essential Oils Tear Pad - Your Oil Tools

Spread the natural effectiveness of cleaning with essential oils!

Are you looking to revamp your home cleaning with essential oil based cleaning solutions? This tear pad goes over the many benefits and advantages of cleaning with essential oils and essential oil based products.

These recipes allow for you to take care of all your traditional household cleaning needs with essential oils. 

Included Recipes:

  • Miracle Stain Remover
  • Mean Green & Clean
  • Lovely Linens
  • Sparkle
  • Dust Off
  • Grease Lightning
  • Room Re-Fresh
  • Bye Bye Bugs
  • Good Clean Fun

Need labels to go with these great recipes? Buy here!

Contents: 25 Sheet Tear Pad

Emotional Weight Loss Tear Pad - Your Oil Tools

Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey to lose weight and become a better, healthier you? This tear pad delves into the roots of weight loss on an emotional level. It contains facts and relevant information on body fat and its connection to emotions. Included on the reverse side is the testimony and first hand account of Angela Villa about her journey with emotional weight loss, as well as 3 Body Love Blend recipes. 

Use this tear pad as a handout for those new to essential oils or as a base to teach an educational class on emotional weight loss. Body Love Blends Labels not included. 

Contents: 25 Sheet Tear Pad

Essential oils required (but not included):

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Thyme, Juniper Berry, Wintergreen, Cassia, Arborvitae, Myrrh, Ginger, dōTERRA On Guard™, Frankincense, Lavender, and Lime.

Additional items required (but not included):

For all of the recipes visit www.youroiltools.com/AngelaVilla

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