Simply Spa

  • Featured Fragrances


Reduces inflammation, exfoliates, increases blood flow, and promotes anti-aging properties.


Promotes a healthy glow, assists in the healing of the skin, and fights against wrinkles.


Detoxifies skin, soothes acne, promotes silky soft skin, and relieves stress.

Body Scrubs

Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to glowing, silky skin with our dry rub body scrubs. Exfoliate your skin naturally to remove dead skin cells and reveal your natural, youthful glow. Infused with all natural, gluten free ingredients to give you the best experience possible.

Face Masks

Our all natural clay masks designed to bring you an extravagant at home spa treatment. Choose between our espresso, charcoal, pumpkin, and matcha mask. Each mask has its own purifying properties that'll bring you a unique experience. Try with friends during your next girls night in!

Body Butters

Probing for that silky, youthful skin? Get glowing, nourishing skin with our body butters! Our range of essential oil infused body butters are formulated to sink into your skin without leaving behind a greasy or sticky feeling.

  • Why choose Simply Spa?


We never use ingredients that are harmful to your skin or contain chemicals.


We only use ingredients that are gluten free.


Simply Spa was founded in Hooksett, New Hampshire and all of our products are crafted locally.

Shower Steamers

Settle in for a good shower with our shower steamers! Whether you're looking for a relaxing steam or invigorating explosion of scent, there's a shower steamer for everyone. Infused with essential oils, just place in your shower and watch as the water activates the fizzing reaction to bring you an at-home spa experience.


Looking to spice up your spa experience? Browse our collection of all natural soy candles. Perfect for taking you spa experience to the next level or keeping your home smelling fresh! Choose between our white pumpkin, lavender, and coffee options.