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Turn your complex emotional experience into a positive breakthrough with the help of essential oils. This easy to use handbook is the perfect guide to help you improve your emotional health. 


The focus of this book is to be your go-to usage guidebook on how to use essential oils safely and effectively in your everyday life. You will find more information here on protocols for ailments.


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Your All-in-One For Essential Oils

Get all of your favorite booklets in one place!

The Everyday Essentials Beginners Guide is a step-by-step guide to essential oils for new users.

The Everyday Essentials Diffuser Recipe Booklet features over 100 essential oil diffuser recipes designed for your entire house.

The Everyday Essentials Carrier Oils is an easy-to-follow guide on incorporating oils, butters, and powders for your health and into your home.

The Everyday Essentials A-Z Guide is a quick reference guide to essential oils featuring over 250 common ailments.


  • (1) Everyday Essentials Beginners Guide
  • (1) Everyday Essentials Carrier Oil Booklet
  • (1) Everyday Essentials Diffuser Recipes Booklet
  • (1) Everyday Essentials A-Z Guide