How to Use Clary Sage for Labor

Learn how to use clary sage for labor with Stephanie McBride

About Stephanie

Stephanie McBride is a passionate advocate for the use of essential oils as a form of natural self-care and in clinical practice, from the moment of conception onwards. Her primary focus on botanical medicine studies, coupled with practical experience as a certified clinical herbalist, professional aromatherapist, and functional nutritionist, have given her the in-depth knowledge necessary to simplify this ancient health modality for others to enjoy. And, most importantly, she is a mother of three!

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Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness

  •  Natural and safe
  • Reduce anxiety during labor 
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Eases pain and other discomforts
  • Energizing and purifying
  • One of the most affordable means for selfcare and family care 


Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness by Stephanie McBride

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie over the years through our initial interaction through a networking group called Community Inspired Professionals. At that time, Stephanie was a nutritionist and herbalist and I was fascinated by her work with moms and babies. My work as a naturopathic physician resonated with Stephanie thus leading to a long friendship of sharing ideas and stories to help our patients...

I feel Stephanie has done a wonderful job weaving the stories and the remedies well together without overwhelming the reader. The information is laid out well for every segment of a woman’s life from preconception to birth to postpartum and tidbits of infant care support. 

For providers, I feel this is a great resource to give their patients a basic guide for home care education. 

I hope you enjoy reading this guide as much as I have! 

Yours in Health, 

Dr. Jill Ghormley, ND, MAMS Naturopathic Physician 

Get Stephanie's Pregnancy and Essential Oils booklet for $7.99 plus shipping!

Infuse your childbearing year with essential oils! This booklet written by Stephanie McBride integrates current evidence-based research, traditional use, and the clinical pearls of birth professionals to help both moms and practitioners learn to use essential oils with CONFIDENCE for pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and infant care. 

Topics covered: 

Infuse Your Life 

Essential Oil Quality 

Safety Precautions 

Herbal Actions 




Specific Use Guide (for maternity, 3rd trimester, labor, postpartum, lactation, and infant care) 

Build Your Own Birth Kit

Essential Oils for Pregnancy Tear Pad (Pack of 25)

Incorporate essential oils into your pregnancy with this tear pad! Essential Oils for Pregnancy is a self-care program used during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Use essential oils to naturally and safely address common discomforts that occur during pregnancies. This tear pad includes content written by Stephanie McBride from her books Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness and Essential Oils for Pregnancy

What's Inside: 

Protocols for: uses in pregnancy, uses in labor , and uses in postpartum

How to properly apply and massage essential oils

3 blends for the childbearing years

25 sheets 

Essential Oils for the Birth Kit e-Courses

Essential Oils for the Birth Kit© is a complete online training course developed for health professionals, moms-to-be, and essential oil educators who would like to learn how to safely and effectively apply essential oils during the childbearing year. Participants will learn how to address the most common symptoms during childbearing, including: morning sickness, indigestion, fatigue, stretch marks, labor pain, teething and colic. All participants who complete the course and pass the five quizzes will receive a certificate of completion. The Professional CEU track includes CEU credits upon completion.