Feeling Good with Essential Oils Book (2nd Edition)

Here’s what you’ll find inside Feeling Good with Essential Oils! 

* Over 100 Emotional Issues with Science-Based Protocols

* Extra Support Section for each Emotional Issue

* Testimonials from Real People with Real Results 

* The Top 10 Hidden Underlying Causes of Emotional Distress 

* Detailed Emotional uses for Single Oils and Oil Blends 

Are you ready to Feel Good with Essential Oils? 

The book: 228 pages, full color 


"Welcome to Feeling Good With Essential Oils! 

We’re so excited to have you join us on this journey! We want to assure you that, whatever the emotional struggle you are seeking support for, there is hope!We created this book for the person who was looking for an easy-to-use handbook on essential oils for emotional support, that was backed by scientific data, and mixed with the personal experiences of others. This book takes a practical approach and stance on using essential oils and gives you the knowledge you need to help yourself move from a state of negative emotions into a neutral or positive emotional state."

This book contains science-based protocols and extra support for using Essential Oils for over 100 emotional issues, testimonials written by real people who experienced real results, the top 10 hidden underlying causes of emotional distress, and detailed emotional uses for single Essential Oils and Essential Oil blends. Get ready to FEEL GOOD with ESSENTIAL OILS with this awesome A-Z emotions guide! See below for more information and some testimonials straight out of the book.


“I was going through intense grief with my husband’s passing and unable to catch my breath to cope. I was exhausted, grief-stricken, and needing to rest. My friend brought over Comforting Blend and rubbed it over my heart and on the bottom of my feet. She also put Respiratory Blend in a diffuser in the room with me. Within minutes I was able to catch my breath and relax enough that I could stop crying and fall asleep. I used Comforting Blend every day over the next month and it was tremendously helpful. It made me feel like I was wrapped in loving arms.”

- Sandy G.

“I used to have terrible feelings of anxiety and doom come out of nowhere. It was terrible because I would be out and about with friends or with my family when suddenly I felt the need to run away or like I was going to have a heart attack. When I started using Restful Blend over my heart and Grounding Blend on my wrists or feet, and then deeply inhaling the residual oils left on my hands, it totally changed my life. I could feel the anxious feelings drain right out of me and instead a sense of calm would replace it. I am so grateful for these oils!”

- Sarah M.