Beginner's Guide




What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. In plain English, essential oils are extremely condensed plant extracts, collected in such a way that allows the oil to retain the plant’s aroma, flavor, and health benefits. The oils can then be used in a number of different ways to allow the user to safely enjoy those retained aromas, flavors, and health benefits. 

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils


One of the popular ways to use essential oils is in a diffuser. Other popular aromatic uses include applying an oil to diffuser jewelry, mixing oils and water to create refreshing room sprays, or dropping oils onto a felt pad and letting them evaporate slowly. 


Essential oils can be used directly on the skin or may need to be diluted with a carrier oil, like coconut oil. Rollerball or spray bottles are popular ways to enjoy essential oils topically. You can also add your essential oils to your existing lotions and creams. 


Many essential oils can be taken internally provided they have a label indicating they are safe for internal use and have a dietary supplement fact box on the label. Oils that have a child safety lid should not be taken internally. To take essential oils internally, fill a veggie capsule with oil and swallow, or place the essential oil under your tongue and swallow with a sip of water, or place a drop or two of essential oils into a cool beverage.