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1 oz Blue Glass Bottle w/ Treatment Pump


Treat your skin with this treatment pump! Ideal for facial oils, massage oils, infused herbal oils, and other oily, and herbal preparations. Available in 2 oz size & amber glass. Replacement pumps sold individually here

Why We Love Them: 

  • Keep your botanical creations in ideal airtight storage conditions for better preservation.
  • The pump tops dispense just the right amount of oil to avoid messes.
  • They add style to your home apothecary and make for great gift giving.

How to Use Them: 

  • Fill the glass bottle with oil, leaving enough room for the pump tube.
  • Tightly screw on treatment pump.
  • Remove clear cover and use as needed
  • Content: (1) Blue Glass Bottle, (1) Treatment Pump
  • Size: 1 oz (30ml)
  • Neck Size: 20-400 (20 mm)
  • Directions: Fill your bottle, put the cap on securely and then label your bottle.