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Turquoise and Wood Lava Stone Bracelet Set


Who wouldn't want to add this stunning turquoise and wood bracelet to their collection?

  • The absorbent lava rocks make it easy for you to enjoy a few drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend throughout the day or evening. 
  • Lava stone beads are made from naturally formed volcanic rock, known as basalt. The porous nature of these beads is perfectly suited to essential oil use, as it absorbs and diffuses oils while being an attractive and comfortable addition to your everyday style.

Instructions: For best results, drop your favorite oil into your palm and roll the diffuser bracelet between your hands until the rocks absorb the oils. You can also drop your oils directly onto the beads using a dropper bottle or plastic pipette, or apply to beads using a roller bottle. 


  • 8mm Natural Lava Rock
  • 8mm  Turquoise Stone
  • 6mm Plated Beads
  • 18cm Bracelet Size
  • Set of 2

Bracelet Sizing Guide