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Self-Care Spark: 7-Day Stress Relief Challenge Tear Pad


It’s time to take care of YOU! Self-Care Spark is a system of 7-Day Wellness Boosts that help you focus on different areas of your life that are important for your physical and emotional health. Each Boost gives you a 10-Minute Daily Action Strategy along with tips to help you Supercharge Your Self-Care with Essential Oils. Boosts in the system include: Stress Relief, Fitness, Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Personal Care, De-Cluttering, Quality Personal Time, Emotional Wellness.

The way you use this system is up to you. Choose the focus you need, and follow 7-Day Wellness Boosts separately or in combinations as needed to help you bless and release the heaviness, shed the impact of negativity and stress in your life, and take action to empower yourself to walk down a happier, healthier path! Take charge of your health…choose a Self-Care Spark and make it your time to SHINE!

  • Content: 25 Tear Pad Sheets (Front and back)

You can purchase a single laminate sheet here