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Use this tear pad of 25 sheets as an informative supplement for an event or give to those interested in essential oils to showcase their versatility and fun.

These 2-sided sheets are chock full of information:

  • Brief intro into the science of Reflexology
  • How Reflexology works
  • Brief history of Reflexology
  • Incorporating Reflexology into your daily routine
  • Benefits of Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology Chart
  • Ear Reflexology Chart
  • Foot Reflexology Charts

Creative Ideas for Using this Tear Sheet Pad:
These can be used as a handout during any workshop. This product is ideal for those wanting to utilize foot, hand or ear reflexology points into their routines. When meeting someone new interested in oils, give them a tear sheet so they can see the many benefits of using reflexology with essential oils.

This video was recorded LIVE on August 18, 2016 on our Facebook page.