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Optimal Nutrition & Cellular Health Tear Pad


When in doubt, go with your gut!

If you are ready to start a journey towards a healthy new you, then this tear pad is the perfect beginning to that lifestyle change. With the Essential Knowledge and Information found in this tear pad, you will improve your Cellular and Gut Health and love the results.

Areas captured in this material are:

  • Creating a strong nutritional foundation
  • Important facts about cells
  • Nourish our cells
  • Gut health and the effects of imbalance
  • Dr Hill’s protocol and highlight of essential oils and their key points
  • The wellness pyramid and how implementation for overall personal health and wellbeing

This tear pad is perfect to use as a stand alone hand out or utilize it as part of continued education or classes. It is also ideal to highlight the importance of high quality supplements.

Contents: 25 sheet tear pad