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Make & Take: Easy Room Sprays


Quick and easy essential oil recipes for the room!   

Create natural recipes to freshen up any room with this kit! Perfect for those who are just starting their essential oil journey.

Essential oils are a natural, cost-effective solution for air fresheners. 


Contents(1) Make & Take Kit with (1) Recipe Bi-Fold Sheet and (1) Label and Lid Sticker Sheet

Extra labels and lid stickers for these recipes can be found here.

Recipes: Warm Winter Chai, Tahitian Sunrise, Peppermint Stick, Mojito, Spring Fresh, Flower Blossoms, Spiced Cider, Ice Cool, Gingerbread Cookie, and Hawaiian Breeze

Directions: Follow the instructions for each recipe then label your container using the corresponding label and lid sticker.

Not Included but needed

Carrier Oils:


Essential Oils:

Additional Ingredients:

  • Distilled Water

    Brand Neutral Approved