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Taking the essential oil world by storm, I Am Fabulous, by Desiree Mangandog is a fun and whimsical way of viewing the effects of essential oils on our emotions. 

The book contains 40 recipes for blends from "Release your Fears" to "Warm Embrace" and "I Am Fabulous."

The recipes do not include proprietary blends from specific companies. The blends are designed with single oils. Take note that the single oils for the blends may not be available from all essential oil distillers. 

Sold in a bundle pack, you will receive the following:

1 copy of I Am Fabulous

1 Sheet of Labels (40 labels)

1 Sheet of Lid Stickers (40 Stickers)

10 Sheets of the I Am Fabulous Tear Pad (Allows you to teach a small gathering)

20 Roller Bottles (5 ml, clear glass, plastic rollers)