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This DIY Kit has 1 recipe sheet , 1 label sheet and 10 2oz Green spray Bottles for you to make your own!

Cleaning supplies can be hazardous to your health, your children and pets, pollute the environment, contaminate septic tanks, cause safety issues for refuse workers, and there is no proof they are any more effective. According to a WebMD article, “These products don’t work any better than their natural or non-toxic counterparts, and they damage the environment and potentially place our long-term health at risk.”


  • One "Green and Clean" Label Sheet with all 1 recipe designs in 1.75" x 1.75" size labels for use on 2 oz spray bottles
  • 10 Green 2oz Spray bottles

One 2-sided "Green and Clean with Essential Oils" tear sheet chock full of information:

  • Toxin information in commercially produced cleaning products
  • Identifying toxic cleaners in your home
  • Supporting factual evidence from the EPA, WebMD and the Environmental Impact Assessment Review Journal
  • Cost of cleaning supplies
  • Ways that cleaning supplies are hazardous
  • Natural cleaning ingredients and their benefits
  • DIY - 10 cleaning spray recipes (leather, the loo, bedbugs, linens, yoga mat, goo-be-gone, stains, mold, wood polish, glass & window).
  • 13 DIY household recipes for the whole house, kitchen, laundry and bath