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Great Outdoors Tear Pad


Don't let the bugs, or a strong sun ruin your day!

Spending time outdoors can be a comfortable space where you, your family and your guests can relax and spend time together. Unfortunately, there are some bugs that can make these areas less appealing. It's easy and quick to freshen up clothes, ward off bugs and deter animals from sleeping on your patio cushions with little more than a spray bottle, water and a few essential oils.

Use the information on these tear sheets to get rid of unwanted bugs. Also available is a single laminate sheet 

  • Contents: 25 Tear Sheets
  • Information includes: Top 10 oils for the outdoors, Recipe for Bug Repellent, Recipe for Sun Screen, 6 Recipes for the challenges of being outdoors 
  • Not included: Essential Oils, Carrier Oils or Bottles