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Get Outside Education Cards

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NEW! Essential Oils for Getting Outside Education Cards

We all want to learn how to effectively use our essential oils. And, if we are in the business of educating others on how to use essential oils, it's nice to have a resource that quickly and concisely explains it. 

Our "Get Outside With Essential Oils Education Card" is a great resource to give to a new team member, give out at a vendor event, or to accompany a sample to communicate the benefits of using essential oils during outdoor activities.

Want a quick Make & Take or DIY concept? Get the following: 

1-2 Packs of Education Cards

2 oz Spray Bottles

Bye Bye Bugs Label Sheets

Teach a basic class demonstrating your favorite oils to use when camping, on a day hike, or on a picnic. Invite your attendees to make a spray using the labels you choose. Send everyone home with an education card. 

4" in x 9" Full high resolution color, doubled sided handout cards! The cards are printed on sturdy card stock paper with UV coating.


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