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Make your own blends for skincare! An affordable way to easily make your own natural, non-toxic, skin blends that are easily customized for your needs and others!

Use this recipe tear pad of 25 sheets for a great classroom presentation or informative supplement to demonstrate the versatility and ease in making your own natural skin care items. These individualized blends are perfect gifts for everyone!

Recipes conform to the recommended standard dilution ratio of 3% for adults (according also to top aromatherapists in the world) for occasional or short term use.

These 2-sided sheets contain:

  • 5 Tips for Amazing Skin
  • Essential Oils for Skin
  • 7 Customized Skincare Recipes - Choose your carrier oil and essential oils for the following recipes: Gentle Foaming Facial Wash, Gentle Facial Exfoliant, Face & Body Oil, Hydrating Spray, Body Wash, Face & Body Lotion, Body Exfoliant
  • 13 Customized Rollerball Skincare Recipes - Choose your carrier oil and essential oils for the following recipes: Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry, Shingles, Scars, Warts, Varicose Veins, Hemangiomas, Acne, Wrinkles, Bruise, Age Spots/Freckles, Cold Sore

Use with your own brand of oils!


  • Miscellaneous items to create bath and body products - Castile Soap, Aloe Vera Gel, Baking Soda, Lemon Juice, Carrier Oil, Sugar or Salt, Misc Essential Oils of your choice
  • Essential Oils - Bergamot, Black Pepper, Chamomile, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Geranium, Helichrysum, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Myrrh, Rosemary, Sandalwood

Recommended Uses:
This 2-sided tear sheet of 25 sheets is a perfect stand alone for a Skincare themed Make & Take Workshop or as an informative informational sheet for those interested in essential oils for a natural approach to skin care.