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**This is a digital product **

Have you ever thought of hosting events from the comfort of your home instead of in your home? 

We bring you a special line of Facebook Classes on fascinating essential oil topics. In collaboration with Danielle Daniel, LCSW, we bring you Essential Oils for Brain Health.

When you purchase this product you will receive three things:

1. A Text document of instructions and posts for your Facebook Class on Brain Health.

2. A folder of images to use with your Facebook Class

3. A $5.00 Gift Card to Your Oil Tools, which you can use for yourself, or provide as an incentive during your Facebook Class. 

These products can cost anywhere from $20.00 - $25.00 each. We present our high quality Facebook classes for a fraction of the cost.

Remember to snag your sampling cards for Essential Oils for Brain Health to hand out before the class or as a follow up after the class to those who attended and participated online!

After purchase you will receive three emails:

1. Order Confirmation Email

2. Email with Text for Class and Link to Images

3. Email with a unique $5.00 Gift Card

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