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NEW! Essential Oils Usage Cards for Babies!  

Do you have a friend or customer who has a young baby, who may be wondering how to use essential oils for the health and well being of their little one?

This usage card is an excellent sampling tool. It contains relevant essential oil educational content related to the specific need of your friend or potential customer; babies!  Rather than hand them a sample, give them a bunch of content they can refer to. 

Pair this usage card with a set of lid stickers and some sample vials and you have what you need to sample someone about issues related to the health and well being of their babies.

Our expanding library of usage cards is a tremendous way for you to sample an essential oil based on the needs of the person with whom you are conversing in an affordable way.

4" in x 9" Full high resolution color, doubled sided handout cards! The cards are printed on sturdy card stock paper with UV coating on one side (matte on the back side). Use a hole punch to affix a sample bottle to the usage card.

This is also a great item to include in a welcome kit for your new essential oil user, or for yourself for quick reference.

This item is brand neutral.



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