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Note: Spanish Version Only!

Want a fast & easy way for your friends and family to rapidly learn about essential oils so they will quickly see their benefits and become confident using them?

 Give them this guide, the condensed pocket version of all they need to know. It includes 5 simple DIY blends they can make and use in many ways PLUS recipes for an ensemble of green cleaning products.

 WARNING: Don’t get caught not knowing. EOB2 contains information NOT readily found in other books or anywhere. Also contains a to-die-for Thai Chicken Coconut Soup recipe.

This guide provides clear and easy-to-reference facts that you need for both introducing others to essential oils and learning more yourself. The sections are organized by the most commonly asked questions about essential oils. The booklet also includes a Practical Application section that tells how to make 5 generic blends using common essential oils and how to use them for various common ailments. Finally, the guide also provides a link to an unbiased, educational website with even more information about essential oils.

Pages: 57.

Dimensions: 4¾" wide x 4¾" tall.


Jen Eden Clark is a Registered Aromatherapist with nearly 2 decades of practical experience using essential oils for friends, family, and clients. She has an unbiased understanding of aromatherapy as it relates to multilevel marketing and professional aromatherapists.

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