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Essential Family Ring Cards

The most practical way of remembering all the best blends for your family on the go! Create blends for mom, dad, kids, and the family. 
You can purchase labels and lid stickers for these blends here.

Blends on these cards include the following: 

  • Balanced Hormones: Roller Bottle
  • In the Mood: Spray Bottle
  • Hot Mess: Roller Bottle
  • Body Spray: Spray Bottle
  • Peppermint Potty: Spray Bottle
  • Energizer Blend: Roller Bottle
  • Fresh Breath: Spray Bottle (also can be used for the dog!)
  • After Shave: Roller Bottle
  • No More Tantrums: Roller Bottle
  • Owie Spray: Spray Bottle (can be used for dogs!)
  • Lights Out: Spray Bottle (can be used for dogs!)
  • Sunshine Blend: Roller Bottle
  • Bye Bye Bugs: Spray Bottle (can be used for dogs!)
  • Hand Sanitizer: Spray Bottle
  • Sweet Slumber: Roller Bottle
  • Room Re-Fresh: Spray Bottle (can be used for dogs!)

  • Contents: (1) Essential Family Ring with Recipe Cards
  • Recipes: DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Mom, Dad, Kids, and Family

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