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The Dream Believe Achieve Journal Planner is a doTERRA business builder's dream!

There are lots of systems and planners out there, but none of them combine personal development, business planning and life planning all in one.

- Journal pages prompt you to help you figure out your "why".
- Journal pages prompt you to come up with clear and concise answers to the most frequently asked questions in your doTERRA business
- Monthly goal setting pages
- Monthly and weekly calendar pages
- Daily calendar pages with a place to hold your to do list or appointments as well as a morning and evening journal questions.
- Weekly and Monthly reflection pages and check lists to keep you on track


- Comes as a Disc bound planner. Carry around one months's worth of pages or one week. Your choice.

- Say goodbye to 2016 planners that go obsolete. This planner is open, beginning on whatever date you choose. 

- When you purchase this planner you'll receive bi-weekly emails (every two weeks) and tips on how to use and explore the personal development options within to help you stay on track.