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This book is an expanded edition of The Essential Oil History, Overview and Reference Guide, first published in 2008. After three printings they opted to develop a website as a vehicle to share essential information with others and to include additional oils, new research, and anecdotal evidence of their successful use. The book includes that website address. Since a lot of people like a printed copy they can carry around, they published this small guide that will fit in your purse or bag. he primary portion of the book is arranged as an encyclopedia in A to Z fashion and includes over 700 entries with 325+ giving essential oil information for health related subjects. The other entries include descriptions of individual essential oils, blends and products plus definitions of terms that may be new to those using essential oils for the first time. Although single essential oils are referenced extensively, the blends referenced are manufactured by doTerra, so people who use doTerra essential oils will get the most out of this handbook. This book is the 5th edition, 

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