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Cleaning Power of Essentials Oils Laminate Sheet


Let's clean, everybody!

Are you looking to revamp your home cleaning with essential oil based cleaning solutions? This sheet goes over the many benefits and advantages of cleaning with essential oils and essential oil based products.

Essential oils provide a safe, natural alternative to the many toxic and potentially harmful chemicals found off the shelf store bought cleaning products. The recipes included on the sheet are as follows:

  • Miracle Stain Remover
  • Mean Green & Clean
  • Lovely Linens
  • Sparkle
  • Dust Off
  • Grease Lightning
  • Room Re-Fresh
  • Bye Bye Bugs
  • Good Clean Fun

These recipes allow for you to take care of all your traditional household cleaning needs with essential oils.

CONTENTS: 1 Double-Sided Laminate Sheet = waterproof and oil resistant.