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Baby Shusher The Soothing Sleep Miracle Collection Pack


Give the Gift of Sleep!

Sometimes, life is overwhelming for your baby.

Despite changing diapers, ensuring a full belly, a loving snuggle, and some precious 1:1 time, your baby may still be unhappy.

Understandably, you want to make this right! Don’t worry – we’ve got the solution for you and your baby.

Our Baby Shusher Collection combines the original Baby Shusher with two soft cotton Muslin Swaddles and two Shushie pacifiers, creating the ultimate soothing set.

The Baby Shusher Collection is better than any lullaby, and quickly soothes your fussy baby to get some much-needed sleep (for both you and baby).

We know you and your baby will love this pack.

  • Baby Shusher
  • Two soft cotton muslin swaddles (39″ x 39″)
  • Two silicone Shushie pacifiers